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Progressive Rock CD Reviews

Thom Douvan

All Over Again

Review by Gary Hill

I suppose it might make sense to land this under non-prog because it’s jazz. I’d say there is enough fusion here to make the argument to put it in the prog section. No matter how you label it, though, this is a satisfying and effective set. Excluding the bonus tracks, all but two songs here are instrumental. All songs here are strong.

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Track by Track Review

The jazz vibes on this have world music infused. This is just such a great jam. Some of the instrumental interplay gets intense. It’s a great combination of modern and old school jazz. It works toward Rock in Opposition near the end.

Smooth jazz, fusion and more merge on this killer track. I love the bass work on this, but the piano is also particularly noteworthy.
When Things Fall Apart
With a lot more of a melodic guitar basis, the fusion is strong on this number.
Deja Vu All Over Again
The guitar really shines on this one, too. It’s another killer guitar based fusion tune.
Wes Coasting
This is another with some killer bass work. The cut has an expansive sort of vibe well set in fusion territory.
Then I Met You
A purely traditional jazz number, this has great female vocals in the mix.
Again Again
Another that’s closer to the traditional jazz end of the spectrum, the piano is the most prominent instrument here.
This lands more in the vein of folk prog. It has a lot of world music in the mix, too.
Believe in You
Another track with vocals, this one has a soulful gospel vibe and male singing. There is a lot of funk built into this. I love the saxophone on this number. The bass puts in a noteworthy performance here, too.
Believe in You (Reprise)
This revisit includes even more impressive bass work and some scat singing.
Then I Met You (Radio Edit)
This edit of the earlier tune is classy stuff.
Then I Met You (Instrumental)
Truth in advertising winning out, this is an instrumental rendition of the same song. I love the horn soloing on the number.
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