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Progressive Rock CD Reviews

Dave Martone


Review by Gary Hill

Well, this might not be progressive rock. I’d argue that it’s progressive music, though. It’s also close enough to fusion, and generally we land fusion into prog, to bring that angle to play. The Spanish guitar is the dominant thing, but there is quite a bit of variety within that scope. I like this set a lot.

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Track by Track Review
11 11 11

I love the flamenco styled guitar soloing on this track. As it gets more of a rocking vibe, it still retains the Spanish element. This is very much like fusion. It reminds me of both Steve Howe and Al Di Meola at the same time. It’s a great way to start things in style.

Yes, this is a version of the theme song to the old cartoon. The Latin guitar brings a lot to the table. It also handles the “vocal” line. This is energetic and fun. There is a bit of a California Guitar Trio or even King Crimson feeling to this at times.
The Godfather Theme
I really love the fusion arrangement on this. The melodies are still every bit as dramatic and powerful as always. The rendition is quite a classy one, really.
Dream On
This interpretation of the Aerosmith classic works really well. It might be cliché, but I’ve always loved the song. Bringing the Latin fusion vibe to it is especially effective.

Although it still has world music in the mix, this is more of a rock song. There are some sung/shouted “heys,” making it not precisely instrumental. This is a cool tune and quite definitely prog in my book.

Maria Elena
This is much more of a world music thing, really. It’s good, but not one of my favorites. If the whole disc were like this, I wouldn’t have put it under “progressive rock.”:
Besame Mucho
Latin fusion laced with world music is the order of business here. This has some definte fiery energy and some great melodic forays.
Classical Gas

A guitar solo, I’ve always loved this piece of music. It’s delivered here without surprises. However, it’s delivered with a lot of class.

More Latin fusion, this is another particularly effective number. There are some really dramatic sections and some particularly noteworthy guitar soloing.
Although there are no surprises here, this is another effective piece of Latin fusion. It has folk and classical built into it, too.
Theme from "Rocky"

I really love this fusion take on the movie theme. It lets the melodies shine. We get some great guitar soloing, too.

The Final Countdown
This take in the classic Europe song really lets the melodies shine, too. It’s another highlight of the set.
A bit mellower, this is more of a pure Latin fusion meets world music kind of thing. It’s pretty and dramatic. It gets pretty energized and powerful at times.
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