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Progressive Rock CD Reviews


Watch It Sparkle

Review by Gary Hill

Is this progressive rock? Well, surely it’s not progressive rock in terms of the old school prog. It is definitely artsy, progressive music, though. It has a tendency to lean into weird territory. Not everything here is completely successful to my ears, but it’s well worth checking out. If you have an adventurous ear, give it a try. You will probably find plenty to like here.

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Track by Track Review
Not Again

This cut uses a prominent percussion track, some great retro keyboard sounds and vocals to create something really special. It’s artsy. It’s also soulful somehow. I’m reminded a little of the Talking Heads, but more like a progressive rock turned electronic jazz version of The Talking Heads.

This is less than a minute and a half long. It’s also very weird. It starts with strange vocals and then works out to odd pounding music. This one doesn’t work all that well for me.
Watch It Sparkle

 What a crazy and amazing ride this is. It starts with keyboard sounds merged with great stabs of vocals. It works from there into even stranger music after a time. It gets noisy at times. Later there are sections that feel a bit like something Jim Morrison would have done if he’d had access to modern electronic technology. This is bizarre and yet so compelling.

This starts with noisy, more rocking sound that’s still odd and freeform in nature. Then a cool vocal movement, processed in a great way, takes it. Keyboard sounds emerge from there. This piece really moves through some odd directions. Yet, it’s somehow effective. It seems quite freeform and at times gets quite noisy.
I'll Be on Your Side

The arrangement on this is rather sparse. Yet, it’s still quite cool. It’s definitely on the weird side, too. It has keyboards and one sound in particular that reminds me of a buzzing insect. There are also vocals and percussion. It definitely has a freeform element to it.

Just Another Good Day

Although still rather freeform and a bit strange, this is the most mainstream thing here. It’s quire mellow, slow moving and very pretty. It’s my favorite piece of the whole set.



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