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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Jordan Hurwitz

Here I’ll Stand

Review by Gary Hill

This is sure to appeal most to fans of pop music. The set has some variety within, but overall falls into that category. To me, it works best when it stretches beyond those boundaries and falls a bit short when it leans toward the trite. Still, even the less than stellar material is good.

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Track by Track Review
Get Free

Starting with a piano and vocal arrangement, this bursts out to more of a rocking sound on the choruses. It’s definitely a modern pop rock type tune. That said, it has plenty of classic elements at the same time. Although a little trite, this is fun and energetic.

Not Going Home
The vocal performance here is much more soulful. The cut is a lot meatier, too. This is powerful. It does wander toward more pure pop music later, though. Even so, when it does, it loses a little magic, but gains a lot of energy at the same time. This song is considerably stronger than the opener was.
More pure pop music, this is good, but not at the same level as the last one. It’s a bit trite and forgettable. Honestly, were the vocals not as strong as they are, this song would be a failure. As it is, it is mediocre.
So Very Small
This slower, mellower piece has a lot of jazz in the mix. It also has a lot of magic included. It’s one of the best songs of the set. The arrangement, vocal performance and everything about it works so well. This is evocative and powerful. This is worth the price of admission by itself.
I'm Ready

Although this is a bit less interesting, it’s reasonably effective. I like the multi-layered vocal arrangement. The general song structure and fairly generic pop sound don’t do that much for me, though.

Here I'll Stand
Not a big change, the brand of pop music delivered here is the same as that on most of the disc. That said, this is a soaring, triumphant piece. It’s one of the strongest here. I think it’s really the best choice for this closing position.
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