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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Lucia Comnes

Love, Hope & Tyranny

Review by Gary Hill

There are some strong cuts on this set. I’d also say that nothing is particularly weak. The blend of rock, folk and country is solid. The only real problem is that there isn’t enough variety here. That makes it tend to feel a bit “samey” at times. Of course, these days a lot of people just pick and choose which songs they want to hear, rather than play an album start to finish. With that type of experience, this would definitely be stronger.

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Track by Track Review
No Hiding Place

There is some rock along with a lot of country in the mix on the opener. I love the violin we hear at times. The vocal performance is the real selling point of the song, though. This is an excellent way to start things.

Burning Eden
This is closer to a merging of folk music with alternative rock. It’s a balladic piece that feels a little melancholy. It’s quite pretty. The later rocking section with layers of vocals over the top of drums works great. The cut really grows from there.
Lie With You Tonight
Parts of this land in mellow folk with some country in the mix. I’m not crazy about those sections. They just feel too understated and lackluster. When it rocks out with a world music infused sound mid-track, though, it’s magic.
Through the Dark
This is another that leaves me a bit unimpressed. It just seems to lack energy and spark. The mix of country and folk here, along with the general delivery, make it feel too much like the song that preceded it.
Give in to Grace
Slow and mellow, this has the same mix of country and folk music. It’s much stronger than the two previous tunes, though. A lot of that has to do with the vocal delivery. This is quite a pretty song that has a lot of magic packed within.
There Must Be a Reason
More energized, this has a lot of rock along with the country. This is a real standout tune. Part of that comes from the variety it presents after a couple mellow pieces. That’s only a little of the picture, though. This is just strong by itself.
If You Knew How Much I Love You
The vocal performance really makes this one work. It’s another mellower cut. It’s a good song, but that sort of formula is beginning to wear a bit thin.
How the Moon Made Me
The dominant piano brings some change here. Beyond that, though, it’s another slow piece, so tends to suffer a bit from the lack of variety.
End of the Line
Now, this is more like it. The violin drives a lot of the piece. The cut is a lot more energized. It has more of a pure country sound, but there is some rock in the mix, too.
The Day Love Dies
A slower, mellower cut, this is stronger than some of the similar tempo stuff.
Look Again
This has an almost Latin or jazzy vibe to it. It’s a nice change, but perhaps not one of the stronger cuts by itself.
Because They Never Do
This is a pretty balladic type tune. It has country, folk and even some jazz textures built into it. There is quite a bit of passion and emotion here.
Will You Miss Me When I'm Gone
Closer to a bluegrass sound, this is great stuff.
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