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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Mumford and Sons

Wilder Mind

Review by Laura Turner

The long awaited Mumford and Sons CD finds that the group dropped their original banjo sound we all know and went all electric. I was not disappointed at all by the sound. With Marcus Mumford’s wonderfully smooth, rough voice and the great writing it's hard not to enjoy this album. I get the feeling of a more romantic vibe for this disc. Overall this is a great album, great to just sit back and reflect. On a scale from one to ten this CD gets a ten. I would definitely recommend it. 

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Track by Track Review
Tompkins Square Park

Right off the bat Marcus Mumford does not let you down with his opening vocals. I love his range in this great song.

This song reminds me a bit of Coldplay. This band definitely has a way with words. I love when the instrumentals pick up, really giving it an amazing sound.
The Wolf
This track is upbeat and fun. The power behind Marcus Mumford’s voice is amazing, and he really shows that in the hook of this song.
Wilder Mind

The title song holds pretty consistent with this album in that it’s one good song after another. Lyrically this is deep and well written. The way they blend this new sound together is amazing, and this song proves it.

Just Smoke
This is one of my favorites on this album. You really can't help falling for the way they put their music together so wonderfully. The harmony for them is always on point and this song proves that!
This song is one of the best all around. You can just hear the talent screaming from them. This features strong instrumental performances and vocals.  I love the twang of the guitar in this track. Mumford and Sons have out done themselves with this track.
Snake Eyes
Simple harmony and instrumentals is how this song starts out. The singer in me can't get enough of this band’s harmonies. I have to say that I am missing the banjos here. While the way they play it is great, you can't help but long for the classic Mumford and Sons sound.
Broad-Shouldered Beast
Marcus Mumford’s voice is so smooth yet still edgy, and that is the first thing you notice with this song. Well, it’s that and the beautiful sound of the piano. The lyric, "Take it out on me" I think a lot can understand because sometimes you just need to vent on someone, and the lyrics in this song really explain that feeling.
Cold Arms
I would call this a Marcus Mumford solo love song. As one would expect, it is beautifully written and sung. There is absolutely no one else out right now with this kind of sound.
I noticed the drums right off the bat here I love the sound and beat. There is a part Marcus Mumford really belts it out and sounds amazing. The harmony that goes with it is perfect! I have heard his voice called a "polite growl."  That couldn't be more true with this track.
Only Love
This album is definitely a romantic love album with some powerful songs. This is definitely one of them. This number makes you feel and think, and I can definitely appreciate that.
Hot Gates
First off they start with that great harmony again. This is another of my favorites. The chorus is great. I love the guitar solo in this song. 
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