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Vile Display of Humanity

Vile Display of Humanity

Review by Gary Hill

I really like this set quite a bit. It wanders in the shared ground between thrash and hardcore punk. Although there isn’t a lot of variety afforded in that basic area, this is strong enough that it really doesn’t matter if some of the music seems too similar. You can’t help but get caught up in the rocking.

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Track by Track Review
Minimum Wage

Starting dramatic and classy, this shifts out to furious and angry hardcore. It’s a real screamer and a great way to start things in style. Parts of this land close to thrash metal.

You Can't Escape
This really reminds me of the Circle Jerks. It’s not as frantic as the opener, but it’s still full of energy. It has a great combination of punk and metal.
Shades of Grey
Although there are no big changes, this is another smoking hot thrash punk song. The chorus is accessible almost to the point of punk, but this is raw and definitely hardcore.
Time to Die
Very much a metal tune, this is also a powerhouse. As good as the music leading up to this has been, this one is better.
Bleeding Out
More purely hardcore punk, this is raw, angry and very cool. There are some metallic moments here, too.
Gallows Road
Although not a huge change, this is dark and dramatic.
One More Song
More thrashing hardcore, this is another screamer.
Never Forget
The drums have some time upfront on this stomper. It’s not a big departure, but when it’s this good, who cares?
Answers in a Bottle
While this is more of the same, the quality and energy make it worth doing.
When You See the Light
Now, here is a big change. This still has plenty of punk in the mix. That said, it’s also quite melodic. It’s almost atmospheric at times. It’s still dark. It drops to a mellow movement with spoken words at the end that almost leans toward progressive rock. This song stands out in part because it’s so different, but in part because it’s just so cool.
Daily Ride
We’re back into pure stomping thrash territory, and it’s so good to be back.
Although this is no surprise, it’s also quite classy.
See What God Did
Screaming hot, angry hardcore, this is another winner.
Pipe Bomb
I like the alternating lines of vocals on this one. Beyond that it’s more of the same, but that’s not a bad thing at all.
The Deal's Done
At times this reminds me a little of Suicidal Tendencies. It’s more killer hardcore meets metal music.
So Long and Farewell
Starting with bass, this is more solid hardcore. It’s not a departure, but instead another fine example.
There’s not much to say about this except that it’s another strong cut from the same cloth.
Beaten, Bandaged, and Ready
Particularly furious, this has some parts that are very metallic.
Walking Dead
Smoking hot, this pounding number is quite metallic and quite strong.
Sunday Morning
Here’s a big change for the closing piece. This is an acoustic based number. Honestly, I think this would have served the album better in an earlier slot, splitting two songs that were more similar.
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