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Progressive Rock CD Reviews

Fischer’s Flicker

Fornever and Never

Review by Gary Hill

That’s kind of what you get at times here. Well, they even cover a Cooper song. Still, there are plenty of other things going on here. It would be easy to say that this is AOR prog meets pop, but some of it is a lot more left-field than that. Yes, it gets into mainstream accessible territory quite a bit. It’s also very creative and takes a lot of chances, though.

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Track by Track Review
Black Mariah

With flourishes of pure progressive rock built into it, this song is also poppy and very catchy. There is definitely a jazz meets pop kind of vibe here.

Dead to Me
There is some definite old school rock and roll built into this thing. Yet, it’s also progressive rock based. In a lot of ways this song makes me think of the German band Lake.
Halo of Flies
It might seem odd for a prog band to cover an Alice Cooper song. Still, some Cooper music is rather proggy. This is certainly one of those. I dig the way they rework this thing. It loses some of the darkness of the original, but manages to shine without it.
Funny enough, the vocals on this make me think of Cooper a bit at times. This is more of a rocker. It gets a parental advisory on the lyrics. It’s not blatant prog, but there is enough prog here for it to qualify.
Mrs. Rogers (& the Land of Make-Believe)
I love this song. It’s one of the best here. There is a bit of a musical theater edge to it. Add in some world music and tons of prog. This is clever, unusual and a real powerhouse. In some ways it reminds me of old school Genesis in terms of the theatrical prog edge. This is crunchier and more modern than that, though. The fast paced klesmer like jam is great.
Dancin' Girl
This song has a lot of old school soul music and R&B. It almost feels like something from Motown in some ways.
This cut is an extensive one. It starts with a long piano solo. They power out from there into some killer pop prog. Again I can hear Lake in this thing. This piece has a lot of fusion in it, too. It’s a diverse and rather thrilling ride. The instrumental section around the four and a half minute mark is expansive and amazing. It runs for a long period and covers a lot of territory in the duration. It’s one of the best musical sections of the album, really. They bring it back to the song proper after that runs through.
This Little Heart of Mine

More of a vintage music meets pop and prog kind of sound, this is a good tune. It’s catchy and rather fun. It has a lot of roots music built into it. The closing repeated vocal hook is really catchy. It will probably get trapped in your brain for a while after you hear this.

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