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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Idiot Grins

Big Man

Review by Gary Hill

Country, pop, rock and more are built into this musical tapestry. At times the vocals don’t work as well as I wish they would. There are a few other issues, too. All that said, it’s more successful than not. It’s a worthwhile release for sure.

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Track by Track Review
How to Get To (Baltimore)

I like the horn arrangement on this quite a bit. There is a cool soulful groove to the general musical arrangement. The vocals seem to not work as well, though. Still, this is a successful cut despite that.

Poppy P***
There’s no big change here, but this is a stronger cut. For one thing, the vocals work better. The whole song structure just seems superior, too.
Big Man
This slow song isn’t nearly as strong as the first two. For one thing, the piece itself literally drags. For another thing, the vocal problems are much more pronounced here.l.
Stack This
More of a high energy rocker, this is a step back in the right direction. In fact, it’s one of the better cuts here.
All Alone

There is some country music built into this. It’s also packed with old school rock and roll. This is definitely one of the best pieces here. It’s just so strong.

Snuggy Doo
With a bit of a theatric introduction, this is another old time rock and roll based piece. It’s good, but not really my kind of thing.
One Reason

Another horn laden rocker, this is a better song than some of the rest. It works pretty well.

Ivory Motor
The vocals don’t work as well here. Combining that with a pretty standard song and arrangement and this is rather lackluster.
Paso Robles
This number has a lot of country music woven into its tapestry. I love the slide guitar. This is one of the most successful and strongest pieces of the whole disc.
With double-entendre laden lyrics, this is a fun rocker. I love the whole groove to the piece.
Sour Man
This is another country based piece. It’s a nice change, and it works quite wel
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