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You Said

Review by Gary Hill

The music here is very British in tone. It has a lot of range within that, though. There are things that call to mind the music of the 60s. Other things seem to have 80s influences. There is even some glam rock, jazz, blues and more on display. It’s an entertaining and diverse set, really.

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Track by Track Review
Moments (she reappears)

This has a real 1960s British sound. It’s quite psychedelic in a lot of ways. It’s a catchy and quite intriguing cut, really.

Don’t think twice (she says)
A bouncy piece of music, this has more of a 1980s vibe to it. Still, that 1960s thing is on display, too.
London girl
A more pure folk styled song, this is also distinctly British in the lyrical content. It’s a good song, and a nice change, but a bit of a learning curve in some ways.
Businessman blues
A harder edged, bluesy rocker, this makes me think of Sweet just a bit. Bringing some variety, I like this one a lot.
Sleepy bananas are cool
A gentle and pretty ballad, this is fun and also restful.
Dennis and Jean
Another mellow piece, this is also another that’s very decidedly British. It’s very much an old time folk song.
This is more of a modern rocker. It has some hints of acoustic jazz and other elements, though. It’s a bouncy, energetic cut. I like it a lot.
Break or fall
Also more of a rocker, to me this feels like what you’d get if you combined the last song with the band Off Broadway. It definitely has a power-pop element to it.
Call me sentimental
Bouncy British folk with some hints of jazz make up this fun little number. It feels a bit silly, but it works pretty well.
Dead man’s bones
A bouncy, countrified number, this is definitely dark humor.
Flowers and miracles
An Irish styled song, this is bouncy. It’s also a lot of fun. It’s one of my favorites here.
Rowan tree
The set is closed with a mellow, stripped back folk song.
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