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Progressive Rock CD Reviews

Han Uil

Han – Lawless Local Heroes

Review by Gary Hill

This album has been released under the moniker of just “Han,” but since I previously reviewed one of Han Uil’s discs, I felt that I should include it under his full name. This is quite a proggy release. It’s also quite strong. There is a decent amount of range, but most of this lands near the AOR end of the spectrum.

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Track by Track Review
What to Do

Starting jazz with some horns, this works out to a cool mellower jam that’s part prog and part psychedelia, while still retaining that jazz edge. The jamming later in the cut is stellar.

Little Stripper Girl
A faster paced cut, this has some great shifts and changes. There are moments here that even make me think of King Crimson. It’s killer stuff. It’s a bit on the strange side, but it’s also especially strong.
Stay Tonight
Fusion merged with more traditional prog elements make up the motif for this song. The multi-layered vocal arrangement is cool. There is a great balance between more rocking moments and mellower ones, too. The guitar weaves some intriguing melody patterns at times, as well.
The Two of Us
Female vocals control a lot of this cut. It reminds me at times of Dream Theater. Other parts make me think of Phideaux. The whole piece is classy and theatrical. It’s also dynamic. There is a full on fusion jam later, too.
Ring Thing
More of a straightahead rocker, this still has enough twists and turns to make it proggy. It reminds me a little of Jethro Tull, really.
A Never Ending Storm
Here’s another that’s more mainstream. Yes, there is still enough prog here to keep it under that heading, but this is more on the AOR side of the equation. There is even some bluesy rock built into it.
Lawless Local Heroes
The title track is very theatrical. It’s a little on the strange side, but also very effective.
I'm so Glad
There is definitely some blues rock built into this one. It’s a bit like Pink Floyd in some ways, though.
The Starry Night
This is a progressive rock powerhouse piece. It has a lot of different sections. It works toward symphonic prog. Overall, though, it’s probably closest to Jethro Tull. It’s one of the strongest pieces here.
With a return of the female vocals, this time in a backing capacity, this is another that makes me think of Phideaux quite a bit.
The Next Time
A bit harder rocking, Phideaux is a valid reference point here, too. There are some parts that wander into fusion territory.
We Are Done
Bombastic and powerful, this is a hard edged prog stomper.
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