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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Temporary Hero


Review by Gary Hill

The vocals are the main thing here. In fact, there is a lot of acapella music on this album. Even when there are instruments, the focus is still on the vocals. If you like Bobby McFerrin, you’ll probably like this. There is some electronic music in the mix, so if you are not familiar with McFerrin, but dig electronic stuff, you should give it a try, too. This is unique and intriguing for sure.

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Track by Track Review
My Buddy

I like this. It feels like an old barbershop quartet arrangement. There is finger popping as the only accompaniment to the multiple layers of vocals. It’s classy and fun.

The Thrill Is Gone
Still an acapella styled tune, the percussion is more developed in the backdrop. This doesn’t have that same barbershop quartet sound either. It’s a solid cut and manages to stand apart from the things around it.
Time After Time
With layers of vocals driving this one, too, there is a keyboard type backdrop here. We also have percussion. This is slow and rather haunting.
I Get Along Without You Very Well
Bouncy electronic music, the layers of vocals seem to bring some jazzy textures to it.
Look for the Silver Lining
The music that starts this makes me think of Christmas music for some reason. The vocals work well, but kind of seem to contrast that sound – and not in a great way. The additional layers of vocals add a lot to it, though. This cut doesn’t work as some of the rest, though. It just feels a little awkward at times.
I Fall in Love Too Easily
Flute and bits of percussive sound serve as the backdrop. The first vocals almost feel drunk. The singing that comes over the top brings more of that barbershop quartet element. This is better than the previous cut, but definitely a little on the weird side.
I've Never Been In Love Before
This has an almost 80s vibe. Sure, the musical arrangement is minimalist. The vocal layers bring a lot of magic to the table. To me, this seems a bit like Depeche Mode in some ways. I particularly dig the fast paced bit later.
Born To Be Blue / My Funny Valentine (Prelude)
There are no vocals on this. Instead we get weird electronics, jazzy horn, sound effects and more.
My Funny Valentine
There is a weird kind of texture to this. It has an almost alien vibe. That comes from both the music and the way the vocals are sort of distant. That is a real juxtaposition to the song itself. The vocals come fully to the front for the acapella section at the end.



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