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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Jeremy Porter and the Tucos

Above the Sweet-Tea Line

Review by Gary Hill

I dig the roots rock vibe of this set. A lot of this has a southern edge to it, but there is also punk, psychedelia and more in the mix. I’d say overall that the sound is more retro in nature, but there are modern elements at play. However you label this, though, it’s an effective disc from start to finish.

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Track by Track Review

Retro sounding keyboards open this and hold it, with a real psychedelic vibe. When the guitar joins, it turns to something more like a Southern rock groove. This is modern, but also classic. It’s a great straightahead rock song. This is a tune about a dog.

Bottled Regrets
I dig this straight ahead rocker. It’s got a classy sound. It’s more modern and lands nearer to singer/songwriter territory.
Elimination Round
There is a bit of a punk rock edge to this. It’s probably more of an alternative rocker than some of the rest here, but still has a lot of the same leanings as the bulk of the set.
Knocked Out Cold
This has more of a jangly pop rock edge. The chorus is particularly catchy, too. There is still a bit of a rough around the edges air to it, but this is most blatantly pop oriented song on the disc.
Don't Call Me Darlin'
There is a real country music angle to this piece. It’s closer to a ballad, but still manages to rock. I like the female vocals on this a lot, and love what they bring to the song.
Hey Kentucky
Harmonica lends some extra charm to this cut. It has a nice mix of the singer/songwriter vibe with country, hard rock and more built into it.
Long Story
There is a bit of an awkward angle to this. It’s the most blatantly alternative rock based piece here. It’s also the one that is the least effective of the disc. It’s not bad. It just doesn’t grab me like the rest do.
Sounds Like Goodbye
With a bit of a parental advisory on the lyrics, this is the most punk rock like cut here. It’s solid and high energy.
Sleepy Eyes
Here we get a ballad with both punk and country elements.
Trouble in Paradise

They close with another that’s fairly catchy. In some ways it reminds me of Tom Petty. It’s a great way to end the set in style.


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