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Metal/Prog Metal CD Reviews

Martina Edoff


Review by Gary Hill

Although I’d consider this a metal release, it’s more inline with the mainstream, pop oriented end of that spectrum. The vocals are the best part about this, but that’s not to be taken as a dig at anything else. It’s just that the vocals are so strong. A lot of this calls to mind a more metallic version of Heart. Not everything blows me away, but there are no truly bad songs.

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Track by Track Review

This powers in with high energy. It’s a stomping pop metal kind of tune. I love the vocals here. They bring it more into the vein of epic metal.

Never Let You Down
There is both mainstream pop rock and epic metal built into this beast. It’s a killer tune that really rocks.
World Let You Down
I love this cut. The modern lyrical themes are great. The music is anthemic and has a great balance between epic metal and mainstream rock. The vocals really sell it, though.
Spirit of Light
Starting with keyboards, this works out to an evocative ballad. It is really a power ballad, though, with epic metal leanings. It’s a great song and brings some definite variety to the table.
Come Alive
This screams out with some scorching high energy metal. It’s a frantic cut and very tasty. The vocal hooks are so catchy. It’s like an epic metal take on Heart in a lot of ways.
I Am Mining
More of a melodic rocker, there is still an epic metal edge here. This is another great cut. This disc is full of those, though.
Love Keeps Turning Away
More straight ahead metal is the scheme behind this stomper.
Moment of Truth
As piano starts this, it’s obvious we’re heading in another direction. This really does feel like a Heart power ballad in a lot of ways. Still, it has enough modern epic metal in the mix to keep it interesting. It’s not my favorite song here, but the variety it brings helps a lot. This is almost prog rock in some ways, making me think of Lana Lane a bit.
Sound of Thunder
Catchy, anthemic metal is the concept here. This is another great tune, although this is perhaps more mainstream rock and less metal than some of the rest.
This Love Is Crazy
Anthemic metal and mainstream hard rock merge on this tune. It’s good, but not one of the standouts.
Caught in the Middle
The opening to this is modern. There are metal elements as it builds out, but this has a lot of mainstream modern pop rock in the mix. The chorus, though, is very epic metal in nature. It has a proggy jam mid-track, too.
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