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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Pat Campo

Clouds in My Head

Review by Gary Hill

There are some great songs on here. Taken as a set, though, it does sometimes get a bit samey. Still, for the most part the high quality and changes in stylings keep that from happening much. I think there are a couple pieces that should have been left off to make for a stronger release, but a lot of people only listen to single songs these days, anyway.

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Track by Track Review
Something’s Peeking

Based on a cool soulful groove, this is great modern pop rock. There is both an electronic edge and an organic vibe. I really dig the instrumental section that feels just a little psychedelic.

Self Destruction
There is a great energy to this cut. It’s still firmly set in the modern pop rock style, but it’s less retro in texture than the opener was. The vocal arrangement really sells this, but the whole thing is effective.
One Last Time
The verses here are more percussive and electronic, but the verses bring an almost punk edge to the piece. This is different than the other two we’ve heard by this point, and solid. It’s just not as good as some of the rest.
Without Me
More blatantly electronic pop in nature, I dig the bottom end on this cut. Add in one of the better vocal sections of the disc, and this gets elevated.
This is not bad, but a bit too much like the rest. Taken by itself, it would be strong, but the formula is starting to wear thin by now.
.Wake Me Up
A bit more of an edgy rocker, this brings enough variety to keep it interesting.
A weird little rhythmic thing starts this. As it works into the song proper, there is a bit of country rock element at play. This is a bit too strange for me, but it does bring some variety.
If You Go
Although this is more organic and brings a bit of variety, it just feels awkward, particularly in the vocal department. That makes this one the song that I would skip.
This is much more of a high energy rocker. That brings variety to the table. It’s also quite effective. It’s one of the best songs of the whole disc.
Going Home
This is a bit too much like the bulk of the set, but it manages to stand pretty tall despite that.
The set would be stronger without this one. It’s energetic and more rocking. It’s just not very effective.
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