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Progressive Rock CD Reviews

The Fall

Wise Ol’ Man

Review by Gary Hill

I like the Fall a lot. The thing is, I see why a lot of people don’t enjoy their music. It’s very weird and often times hard to parse. Yet, there is something deeply compelling about it. I already reviewed one of the songs here on a previous release. For the sake of consistency, I’ll use that review again. I should also mention that I include the Fall in progressive rock based on the similarities to Hawkwind and a lot of Rock in Opposition stuff. You might disagree with that, too.

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Track by Track Review
Wise Ol' Man (Edit)

I love the changing vocal arrangement on this thing. It’s weird, but also cool. There is definitely a punk vibe here. Still, there are the Hawkwind things one expects from the Fall. I can make out some definite connections between this and the B-52s, too. This is cool stuff and a great way to start things in style.

All Leave Cancelled
Some weird vocals at the start of this remind me a bit of Cradle of Filth. The music has a more prog meets space and punk vibe, though. As this continues, it shifts to a jam that’s very much in the vein of weird-free form prog. This is odd, but also very compelling for some reason. I absolutely love this piece of music. It’s extensive, dynamic and just so cool.
Dedication (Remix)
There is seemingly a lot of chaos on this cut. It’s another trippy spacey piece. It’s so proggy. It’s also so weird. The thing is, it’s another that really works so well for me. This is pretty crazy, but also very effective.
Wise Ol' Man (Instrumental)
This isn’t completely an instrumental take, but it doesn’t have all the vocals. It’s still a great number in this formation.
Venice with Girls
The usual Fall mix of proggy space rock with punk elements is on display here. This energetic and a lot of fun.
Facebook Troll / No Xmas for John Quay
The first part of this is hard rocking, driving and just a little crazed. It has plenty of space rock in the mix, too. When it shifts to the second half, it’s more of a noisy, free form jam with a lot of punk built into it. This definitely earns a parental advisory.
All Leave Cancelled (X)

This instrumental is classy and quite trippy.

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