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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Vicky Emerson

Wake Me When the Wind Dies Down

Review by Gary Hill

This is quite a cool set. It’s modern pop music with a lot of classic sound and without any annoying modern pop cliché’s built into it. There is country, folk, blues, Latin and much more in these songs. It never seems to get tired or redundant. It always entertains.

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Track by Track Review
Under My Skin

There is a killer old-school sound to this thing. This has a lot of old-time country and blues here. It’s a great roots number. It’s refreshingly organic and fun. I dare you to try to resist singing along on this.

Rattle Shake
Set in the same basic musical style, this leans more toward the blues end of the spectrum. It’s a bit more modern, too. It’s also mellower. It’s every bit as cool, though.
Long Gone
Here’s a change of pace. There is still a lot of country here. There is a bit of a European café sound built into it, too, though. Add some Latin sound, and you’ll be on the right page. This is another great bit of roots music, however you slice it, really.
There is more of a modern element to this. Still, it is an intricate and very powerful balladic piece. It’s lush in arrangement and just so powerful. It leans toward folk prog music. It’s one of my favorites on the disc, really.
Runaway Train
This one is more fully rooted in the old school country sounds. It’s energized and classic in texture, while still landing mostly mellow and feeling fresh. It’s another great tune on a disc full of great music.
Save All My Cryin’ (For Sunday Afternoons)
This is an old time country ballad. That’s meant in the best possible way. It’s another exceptionally classic sound and another great song.
Although this is another that leans toward the country ballad end of the spectrum, it has a bit more energy than the previous tune did. It’s another strong one, but they all are.
Dance Me into the Night
This has a real world music element to it. It’s quite old fashion, quite classy and a nice change. Yet, it also fits perfectly with the rest of the roots sound.
September Midnight
Another mellow one, this has folk, country and even some rock in the mix. Everything here is classic and strong. This is no exception.
Follow the Moon
There is a definite bluegrass slant to this. That makes it the most down-home cut of the set. It’s energetic and catchy. It’s also just as strong as the rest.


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