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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Hot Rumour


Review by Gary Hill

Everything here is entertaining. A couple pieces, though, really push the envelope and get creative. Overall, this lands in the territory of modern pop rock. It is very effective inside that boundary. I think when they color beyond those lines, though, they really shine. I’d like to hear more from this act. I’d also like to hear them take more chances.

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Track by Track Review
Call 'Em Out

Starting off in a rather electronic pop style, the first vocal section is over that backdrop. Then they fire out into some killer rocking music from there. There is a bit of a punk or emo edge here. Yet, this also has some classic rock in the mix. Still, it’s a modern pop music overall. It’s also a captivating and powerhouse rocker.

Two Days To Millenium
Another that starts off with electronics, this shifts to fast paced rocking stuff sooner. It’s more of a modern sound for sure. This is strong and has some good hooks. It’s not as much my kind of thing as the opener was, though.
Run To Me
There is definitely more of a bouncy pop sound to this thing. The vocal hooks sell it, really. Beyond that, it’s just not all that special. Still, those hooks are really strong enough to carry it into the realm of “good song.”
All Going To Hell
Now, this cut takes the whole thing to a new level. It has a real psychedelic rock meets modern progressive angle to it. It’s the most creative and unique thing here. It’s also a real highlight. I love this song. I’d say this one by itself is worth the price of admission.
There is a lot of that psychedelic element at play here. This also has definite glam rock things at play. In some ways this makes me think of the band Jellyfish. It rocks out hard, but is still so classy. There are even some sounds that make think of Queen a bit. This is another definite highlight of the set.
Here we are brought back into modern pop rock territory pretty fully. This is the kind of thing that plays well on pop radio these days. It’s a good song, but I tend to prefer the last two to this sound. That said, it’s still a highlight.
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