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Tim Hockenberry

Tim Hockenberry

Review by Gary Hill

This is quite an effective set of songs. It has a style that ranges from country to blues to jazz and more. Yet it all lands sort of in the territory between classic rock and adult contemporary music. It’s not the most creative thing I’ve heard, but it is strong. The music and voice manage to convey a lot of emotion. There are some particularly strong tracks, but nothing is especially weak.

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Track by Track Review
Me and You

The country meets roots music and classic rock vibe on this is so classy. The whole song is just so cool. The vocal performance packs a lot of emotion, and the piece is just great.

Ease Your Pain
Still laced with country sounds, this ballad has a real adult contemporary kind of vibe. It’s definitely timeless and evocative.
Faith in You
More of a mainstream rocker, this is another solid tune. While there really isn’t any country in the mix here, it has some real classic sounds nonetheless.
Carrying You
On the one hand, I like the piano element on this song. The banjo also adds something. Even the vocal delivery is solid. The bits of yodeling, though, somewhat lose me. Still, that’s only one aspect of an otherwise effective tune.
Little Angel
The slide guitar on this adds something for sure. The tune is sort of a powered up ballad with both country and classic rock elements on display. It’s another effective one.
Come on Let's Dance
Even more of a ballad, this is another piece that works pretty well. It’s not different enough to really stand out, but everything here is consistently good.
I've Got Nothin' (Better to Do)
Now, this is cool. It’s an old school blues number. The retro organ sounds adds a lot to the mix. So do the backing female vocals.
If the Sky Was to Fall
Here we get more of a mellow, adult contemporary ballad. The song has its moments, and it does have some good evocative moments, but this one is arguably the weak point of the disc.
An old school jazz number, this is a highlight of the set for sure. It’s just so darned tasty.
This Time by Me
More of a slow, mellow blues rocker, this is without question one of the best tracks of the album. It conveys so much emotion.
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