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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Paul Carrack

Soul Shadows

Review by Gary Hill

Perhaps best known for being part of the band Ace and their hit song, “How Long,” Paul Carrack also recently toured as part of Eric Clapton’s band. This album features a lot of new original tunes that seem like they could have been recorded and released decades ago. It is a classy set. Nothing here will break any new ground, but it all works quite well.

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Track by Track Review
Keep on Lovin You

There is definitely a great vintage soul vibe here. The organ adds some legitimate old school soul sound, as do the horns. The thing is, this is so legit, those things are just icing on the cake. This is a great song that feels so classic. It’s a great way to start the set.

Sleep on It
No less retro or tasty, this is a mellower cut. It doesn’t lose a thing in that conversion, though. This really feels like old school soul music for sure. Somehow I’m reminded of Stevie Wonder just a little at times.
Sweet Soul Legacy
Well, you can judge what this is like based on the title. That said, this is an energized groove. It pays tribute to the old school masters, both musically and lyrically.
Let Me Love Again
A mellow ballad, this, like the rest of the album, this feels like something that could have come from the late 1960s or early 1970s. The powered up choruses are so strong on this.
Bet Your Life
As classy as everything to this point has been, this is worlds stronger. It still has that soulful vibe, but there is really a jazzy sort of vibe to it. This is just such a cool tune. It might be my favorite on the disc.
Too Good to Be True
Still set within a classic sound, this lands more in the rocking blues vein. It makes me think of something Buddy Guy might do in a lot of ways. That said, since Carrack plays with Clapton and Clapton and Guy share so much musical territory, that makes sense. This is another contender for best track here.
Watching over Me
This one works closer to a country kind of sound. It’s sort of an old school bluesy, country rock song. It’s classy and brings some variety. I like the harmonica and the piano. Somehow this makes me think of Robert Cray just a bit, too.
That's How I Feel
A mellower tune, this has a real old school adult contemporary type of sound. It’s another that really feels like it would have been at home in a bygone era. That said, pretty much everything here has that vibe. This is just a different flavor of it.
Late at Night
Energetic and soulful, this is funky and cool. I love this song. It’s another of the highlights here. It’s perhaps a bit more modern in tone, but meaning late 1970s.
Say What You Mean
A very catchy tune, jazz and blues really drive this thing. It’s a fun one for sure.
Share Your Love with Me
This mellower piece feels like a crooner song. It’s not one of my favorites. I think it would have worked better some place earlier in the set with a more energized piece closing the album.
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