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Progressive Rock CD Reviews

The Move

The Move

Review by Gary Hill

Let’s get one thing out of the way right off the bat, this album itself is not prog rock. Given the later stuff the Move did, and particularly the fact that they eventually morphed into Electric Light Orchestra, though, I’ve included it under that heading. This reissue has the original album along with some bonus tracks. I’d say that this is mostly psychedelically inspired rock music. It’s not particularly original or unique. It is pretty effective, though.

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Track by Track Review
Yellow Rainbow

This is a cool guitar based psychedelic rocker. It’s a classy tune.

Kilroy Was Here
There is a lot more folk music built into this one. Sure, it’s still a psychedelic rocker, but structure wise, this is more folk rock than anything else.
(Here We Go Round) The Lemon Tree
This makes me think of the Kinks and The Byrds. It has a really pop oriented chorus. It’s a good tune, but not one of my favorites.
This is much more of an old school rock and roll tune. It’s bouncy and fun, but nothing all that spectacular.
Walk Upon The Water
Another great psychedelic rocker, there is a dreamy, soaring element here. It’s one of the stronger tunes of the set.
Flowers In The Rain
This is another cool old school rock and roller. It’s nothing all that special, but it’s entertaining for sure.
Hey Grandma
Solid old school rocking music is the concept here.
Useless Information
We’re back into psychedelic rock territory here. This makes me think of The Who just a bit.
Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart
This has a real doo wop thing going on within it. It’s very different from the rest. It’s not really my kind of thing.
The Girl Outside
More of an old school 60s rock ballad, there is some psychedelia built into this for sure. It’s not bad, but another that doesn’t work that well for me.
Fire Brigade
This psychedelic rocker is better than the previous couple pieces. It’s not particularly special, but it has its charms.
Mist on a Monday Morning
With strings and more, this is a mellower cut that’s balladic. It’s almost part “Eleanor Rigby” meets ELO. 
Cherry Blossom Clinic
There are still strings here. This is more of a rocker, though. It’s part psychedelic stomper and part ELO tune. It’s a classy number that’s one of the best of the “album proper” songs.
Bonus Tracks
Night of Fear

The string instrumentation on this lends the comparisons to the later ELO stuff. This is actually a strong rocker with a lot of psychedelia built into it. It’s one of my favorites here, bonus track or not.

Disturbance (single version)
This is essentially an old school rock and roller. It works it way into this crazed, trippy, noisy psychedelic jam for the ending segment, though. That’s pretty freaky stuff.
I Can Hear the Grass Grow
Another pretty straight ahead psychedelic rocker, this is good. It’s not anything really Earth-shattering, but it’s fun.
Wave The Flag And Stop The Train
This is a pretty mainstream 60s rock tune. It’s fun, but not really a standout of any kind. It’s a lot like early Beatles.
Vote For Me
This is another pretty standard psychedelic rocker. It’s fun, but not all that special.
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