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Progressive Rock CD Reviews

The Move

Something Else from The Move

Review by Gary Hill

The original of this was a mono EP released in 1968. That’s presented in its remastered entirety at the end. There are other live performances here at the beginning. Let me be clear that this is included in the prog section of MSJ strictly because this band later became ELO. There is very little (but not none) prog here. Most of this is 60s garage band type stuff, but there is a good helping of psychedelia, too. This is a fun set, but perhaps more about the historical value than it is anything else.

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Track by Track Review
Move Bolero

This is quite literally a short (less than 30 seconds) rock band version of “Bolero.”

It'll Be Me
Hard edged rock and roll with a bit of raw edge, this is very much in the vein of 1960s garage rock.
Too Much in Love
This song, in this live performance reminds me of a cross between The Beatles and the Dave Clark Five.
Flowers In The Rain
An energized psychedelic rocker, this has a real bouncing vibe. The swirling layers of sound are cool, too.
Fire Brigade
A raw garage band edge meets The Beatles here. This is a high energy cut that is definitely a bit rough around the edges in terms of sound. It feels a little rushed, too.
Stephanie Knows Who
Now, this is in a whole other world. It’s got some great swirling psychedelia. The instrumental jam mid-track feels a lot like something that Yes might have done in the Peter Banks era of the band. This is one of the coolest tracks here, and I really love it. This one’s almost worth the price of admission all by itself.
Somethin' Else
A bit rough here in terms of this live sound, this is an old school rock and roller. It has hints of the kinds of rock and roll based stuff ELO would later do. I dig the guitar solo quite a bit.
So You Want to Be a Rock and Roll Star
Here they put in a noisy and quite psychedelic version of the classic Kinks song.
The Price of Love
There are definitely things here that make me think of ELO in some ways. This is a high energy rock and roller with some cool psychedelic rock in the mix.
Piece of My Heart
Most people know of this song from Janis Joplin. I think I like this melodic rock take on it better than that more famous rendition. This is quite cool. It has a great soulful sound with some psychedelia in the mix.
(Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher & Higher
This classic soul song gets a cool rendition here. It’s a bit rawer, but more rock and roll. It’s also quite good, with a real emphasis on the vocal arrangement.
Sunshine Help Me
Here we get a smoking hot 60s styled rocker. It’s another cover. It’s another that really works very well, too. The jam later in the cut takes into some great psychedelia meets proto-prog territory. It really manages to soar and weave cool melodic lines.
Bonus Tracks
“Something Else from The Move”
The Original Mono EP remastered
Released on Regal Zonophone TRZ 2001 in June 1968
So You Want to Be a Rock and Roll Star

Another cover of the Kinks tune, this one has more of a melodic rock sound. It starts a little rough, but turns out to a great rendition. I think I like this better than the earlier one.

Stephanie Knows Who
Here’s another live take on the earlier song. This one is a bit less impressive. That said, it’s just that way in comparison to the other one. It’s actually another highlight of the set. The jamming is just so cool.
Somethin' Else
This old school styled rocker gets another live telling here. This one has a lot of energy and really grooves.
It'll Be Me
Here we get another old school rock and roller. The guitar solo section lends a bit of psychedelia to it. The vocal arrangement is a classy touch, too.
Sunshine Help Me
I think this version is better than the previous one. It’s a great rocker with a lot of class. I really love the killer psychedelic jam mid-track.


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