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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Pete Kronowitt

A Lone Voice

Review by Gary Hill

This an effective set. The music lands in the singer/songwriter, folk meets country and rock range of sounds. There is nothing exceptionally unique here, but there are some great moments. It is definitely a solid release.

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Track by Track Review
Change Is Gonna Come

Based in roots music, this is a cool folk rocker. It makes me think of Bob Dylan in a lot of ways.

Got Guns?
More rock and roll based, this is a singer/songwriter styled tune that’s classy. It’s also classic in texture. This anti-NRA cut is topical right now for sure. It has some country twinge to it. And, yes, I know it’s pro-Gun, but it’s obviously Poe.
Tears on the Back of Her Head
A mellower, slow piece, the organ lends a real retro texture. This is part country music, part gospel and all cool. It’s one of my favorite tunes here, really.
You Are Here
The mellow balladic cut is very much a folk meets country kind of thing. It’s slow and pretty.
Necessary Evils
More of a rocker, there is a lot of country music in the mix here. I dig the violin (I should probably say “fiddle”).
Puppet Master
Here’s another energized country tinged rocker. It’s cool stuff.
Holding Your Hand
A mellower cut, this includes a nice duet. It’s a country and folk based balladic cut. The sounds are quite timeless. The organ lends a lot.
Body, Choice & Mind
I love the piano and the guitar soloing on this thing. It’s a real southern fried rocker. It’s a great tune, too.
Follow the Leader
Another ballad, this isn’t anything Earth shattering, but it’s solid and effective.
The Beast
Here we get a folk rocker with some country in the mix. It’s bouncy, energetic and fun.
She Gives
A bit more of a rocker, I like the violin on this tune. The tune is part folk rock, part country rock and all based in a singer/songwriter vein.
Perfect Day
This starts with the mellowest section of the whole album. The cut gets a bit more involved, but only a little, as it continues. It remains just vocals and an acoustic guitar, though. While it’s an intriguing piece, I think it might have worked better in a different position. It just doesn’t seem to have the necessary charm for a closer.
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