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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Peter Murphy

Wild Birds Live Tour

Review by Gary Hill

Probably Peter Murphy is best known as the singer for Bauhaus. He’s followed a solo career in recent times, though. This live album captures his performances quite well. Yes, it’s very much the kind of Gothic influenced alternative rock you’d expect. I have to say that I wish he would have done “Bela Lugosi’s Dead,” but beyond that, you really can’t complain.

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Track by Track Review
Disc 1
Final Solution
The intro to this has a real space rock kind of vibe. The track works out there to something that is like Goth meets a glam rock sound.
Scarlet Thing in You
More of a straightforward rocker, this is good stuff.
Wild Birds
I dig this one quite a bit. There is a cool space element over the top in some ways. Overall, though, this is another hard edged, stomping Goth rocker.
Mirror to My Woman's Mind
The type of Goth meets alternative rock sound you’d expect is what we get here. This is another cool rocker delivered in style.
This one starts with a mellower motif .It eventually works to more rocking stuff as it continues.
I like this cut a lot. It’s a bit harder edged, but no less cool.
Deep Ocean Vast Sea
While there is no big change here, I dig the guitar riff on this cut. It’s another classy tune.
I'll Fall on Your Knife
Somehow this one just seems to work better than the rest. It’s more atmospheric and just really gels so well. That makes it a standout. The passionate vocal performance helps, too.
Crystal Wrists
A mellower cut at the start, this works out to more rocking territory. It is cool stuff for sure.
The Sweetest Drop
I dig the edgy guitar on this cut. It’s another killer rocker.
Disc 2
Hit Song
This slow moving rocker isn’t a big change, but it is classy. It’s one of the mellower numbers here.
Indigo Eyes
An acoustic guitar based tune, this is cool stuff. Murphy gets a cramp in the middle of this one and has to stop the song and talks to the crowd for a bit instead. He returns to it after a time to take it to the end.
Marlene Dietrich's Favourite Poem
Another acoustic guitar based tune, this is a real highlight of the set. It’s quite pretty and rather intricate.
A Strange Kind of Love
Another acoustic based tune, this isn’t a huge change, but it’s strong.
Cuts You Up
We’re back into more rocking territory here. This is still a melodic number, though. It’s just more energized and powered.
More of the classic 80s rock sound is heard here. This one gets a little weird, but it’s also strong. It makes good use of the balance between louder and mellower stuff. I love the textures over the top of this in the lusher parts of the arrangement. There are world music elements on this, too.
Roll Call – Recall
The percussion starts this and the cut has a rather funky sound at the start. Electronic elements come on board and the piece moves forward. There is definitely a psychedelic element to it.
This is quite a cool and ever changing piece. It works through intriguing changes while remaining an electronic textured new wave kind of piece. It’s extended and a great way to end things.
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