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Progressive Rock CD Reviews

Gary Wilson

It's Friday Night with Gary Wilson

Review by Gary Hill

Maybe this doesn't fit under prog rock. It's electronic music, though. It has links to things like Frank Zappa in terms of the sounds. There is a lot of jazz here, too. All those things conspire to make me land this under prog. Your mileage might vary. This disc is on the odd side. It leans toward lounge music. Yet, it's somehow compelling and captivating. I actually like it a lot.
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Track by Track Review
A Tree Cries in the Wind

Weird sounds coalesce with some voice loops and freeform druming. There is a weird space meets jazz vibe here. This is just over half minute long.

I Want to Hold Your Hand Tonight
Bouncy and tastefully strange, this has a lot of jazz built into it, too. The basis is electronic, but I can hear a good amount of Frank Zappa influence here.
I'm Going to Take You to a Thousand Dreams
This is in the same general vein as the previous cut. It's perhaps a bit more mainstream fusion, though.
You're the Coolest Girl Tonight
There is a lounge sort of feeling here. I like the keyboards that dance over the top on the instrumental section. The segment with multiple vocal layers brings some strangeness to the cut.
Sick Trip on Friday Night
Some seriously funky sounds emerge on this thing. It's one of the best cuts here. I really like it a lot.
We'll Dance into the Stars
Bouncy and suitably dance oriented, this has quite a groove to it.
Like a Scene from a Movie Long Gone
There is definitely more of that Zappa kind of thing here, but with lounge music and some weird electronic sound added to the mix.
The Mermaid Song
Wilson funks it up here. This is a bit odd, but also a lot of fun. There is some real energy involved.
Soon I'll Be Kissing Sandy
Much more of a lounge kind of cut, this is still suitably left of center.
This has a cool groove to it. It's definitely rather weird in terms of the overlayers, but feels a lot like jazz beyond that.
You Made Me Feel My Misery
With a bit of a soulful groove, this one works pretty well, too.
I Thought of You Last Night
This is another bit of weirdness. It's perhaps a bit more pure jazz like with some odd sounds swirling around it. It's also under a minute long.
I'll Make You My Dream Girl
Not a huge change, this is a bit more toward the weird end of the spectrum than some of the rest. The Zappa thing is more on display here than it is some of the other places.
Sometimes I Cry Late at Night
I love the jazz groove here. This is great stuff. This instrumental makes for a satisfying conclusion to the disc.
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