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Non-Prog CD Reviews

The Furious Seasons

Look West

Review by Gary Hill

This set is really a throw back to the music of the 1960s or early 1970s in some ways. In other ways, though, it's more in line with modern trends. The musical style is what sets it in the older era. It is folk music based. The modern edge comes in the fact that this is better taken as single songs rather than a whole album. While each piece is quite strong by itself, after a time it all tends to become monolithic.

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Track by Track Review

Definitely leaning on the sounds of the 1970s, this is folk music with country in the mix. It's effective and compelling. It's a great way to start the set. It has a great snowball construction, starting small and building outward.

A Thing To Behold
The folk sounds are still dominating on this. The country is gone, though. This is more of a soft rock meets folk kind of thing. It really feels like it would have been at home in the 1970s (or even the 60s)  It's quite an effective and potent piece of music.
What's Coming Next
Another flash back to bygone musical eras, this is poignant and evocative. It's less energized than the two opening cuts. It's more contemplative, though. It's quite beautiful.
Sadly Matched
There is no big change here. This feels a bit like Jackson Browne meets Cat Stevens. It's a great tune. Then again, that can be said of anything here, at least when taken by itself.
Best Plans
Although the format is essentially unchanged, this is another strong cut.
Bad Man
Slow and especially mellow, this is a classy tune. I like the lyrics a lot. It should be mentioned that it does earn a parental advisory.
Simple and Clean
There is more energy on this cut. It rocks a bit. It's got some classy guitar soloing. It's also a powerful tuine.
My Terrible Song
This is clearly not a terrible song. Instead, it's a solid folk song in keeping with the rest of the album.
Roll out the Future
There is no paradigm shift here. Instead, we get a particularly strong mellow folk tune.
The Tape
Another classic folk styled song is on tap here. This is a great tune for certain.
Summer Flame
This is starting to get a bit samey by this point. That said, I love some of the guitar changes on this number. There is some classy picking, too.
Glad It's Mine
Another mellow folk song, this is solid by itself. It's just a bit too much like the rest.
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