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Progressive Rock CD Reviews

Anthony Phillips

Private Parts and Piece V: Twelve

Review by Gary Hill

A set of musical tapestries woven with acoustic guitar this is all instrumental. It makes its way through the months of the year in fine fashion. Parts of this are very mellow and intricate. Other things rise toward folk rock. Some of it does call to mind the sound of Genesis, but that comes with the territory, really.

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Track by Track Review

This comes in very gradually. The acoustic guitar is beautiful and works in some intricate ways. It gets a bit more energy as it continues forward, but still remains basically on the mellow end of the equation.


There is a bit of a sense of mystery built into this piece of music. It works forward with some energy and majesty.

This piece has a lot more energy. It's still intricate and rather mellow. It does reach upward toward more rocking territory, though.
There is no huge change here. This is another powerful piece of acoustic guitar magic, though. This gets into some pretty rocking and crazed territory later.
Sedate and intricate, this works forward gradually. There are some rhythmic elements that emerge on this piece of music.
There is more of a folk rock vibe to this number. It's energetic and quite pretty. Still, it doesn't lose any of its intricacies to gain that energy. It gets quite rocking before it drops back down to the closing movement.
Another with a good chunk of folk rock at its foundation, this is a rather fun number. There is a good chunk of flamenco guitar built into the more rocking parts of this piece.
Intricate and yet still managing to summon up some rock tendencies, this is proggy, folky and more.
This is more in the intricate and pretty side of the equation.
Intricate and quite pretty, this one starts to bring the year back into the slower, mellower end of the equation.
There is a real blast of energy and excitement on this cut. It's a powerhouse rocker that's among the best things here. Not all of it rocks, but a lot of it does. In fact, this is one of the most "rock" oriented pieces of the whole album. 
Intricate musical elements paint some beautiful sounds on this number. It's so potent and pretty.
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