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Non-Prog CD Reviews


Good Bad Love

Review by Gary Hill

There is a movement in music toward what is called "indie" or "DIY" music. This falls into that zone. There is a bit of an awkward, sort of unfinished vibe to so much of that music, this included. That said, a lot of this works quite well. There are just a few songs that leave me scratching my head a bit. If you dig alternative rock that still manages to have a classic rock edge to it, you will probably like this a lot. Nothing here is Earth shattering in terms of originality, but there is a lot of effective stuff on display.
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Track by Track Review
My Baby

The music here makes me think of something Tom Petty might do. The vocals, though, land more in the territory of old school Americana. This is energetic and reasonably strong for an opener.

Count the Days

A bit more of an alternative rocker, this one works better to me than the opener did. It has a real college rock vibe in a lot of ways.

Nobody Really Cares if You Don't Go to the Party

This has a punk edge to it. It feels like alternative rock merged with Americana. It's energized for sure. I think this is one of the most effective pieces here, really. I like the guitar fills that drive a lot of this.

Good Bad Love
The title track isn't a big change, but it's one of the stronger cuts here. I like the chorus hooks, and the whole alternative rock vibe works well.
Back and Forth
This feels a lot like something I've heard before. Again, Tom Petty comnes to play as a reference, but this is a bit more in the direction of raw rock.
You Still Stand
A mellower tune, this one doesn't work all that well for me. The variety is a bonus, but there is an awkward quality that just overpowers this for me.
Nothing But Hope
A bit more of a raw, punky, jam, this is energetic and fun.
That Ain't For Me
Speaking of fun, this one definitely lands in that vicinity. It's an energetic rocker that's among the most effective here.
Human Performance

Percussion starts off this journey. I have to say that this is another that doesn't work that well for me. It's just a bit on the cumbersome side in a lot of ways. There is some cool guitar work on the piece, though. That elevates it.

Hey Mr. White
This rocker isn't a big change, but it's definitely effective.


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