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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Verena von Horsten

Alien Angel Super Death

Review by Gary Hill

This might actually fit under progressive rock. Certainly parts of it would. It's electronic a lot of the time. It's definitely creative and artistic. It's also dark and dramatic. The music is far from monolithic, with the general tone and even style switching quite a bit from track to track. Whatever you call this, I like it quite a bit.

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Track by Track Review
The Hymn

This gets a parental advisory. It's a dramatic and rhythmic. It's hard edged and yet also artistic. This is one part Gothic, one part metal, one part electronic and all cool.

All About
Symphonic and very proggy, this is dark, but also evocative and creative.
Sweet Lullabye
The balance between mellower and more driving segments here is great. This still has a bit of a darkness, but is more accessible in a lot of ways. It seems to mix an almost prog pop sound and a techno one.
Sakrament der B├╝ffelherde
This is more of a hard rocking kind of thing. It's percussive and dramatic and just plain cool. The middle section with its echoey vocals is trippy, but goes a bit long.
The Monster
This is weird, but also quite cool. It has a trippy kind of vibe to it, but also some suitably strange stuff. I can make out hints of something like Tori Amos, but this is more techno than that. It is on the mellower side, but this not sedate or restive by any means.
There is much more of a rock thing on hand here. This is classy stuff for sure. It's a bit proggy. It's also quite intriguing and unique.
What You Say
Techno, electronic, prog and more merge on this energized tune. There is a bit of a dance electronic element here, but this is more extreme than that.
The Love We Have Forever
There is almost an old school psychedelic rock thing here. That's merged with more pure electronic music.
A Healing Moment
This instrumental has a lot of piano built into it. It's a very proggy kind of thing, but also sort of minimalist.
The Believer
More of a powerhouse jam, techno and alternative rock are merged here.



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