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Progressive Rock CD Reviews

Deep Space Destructors


Review by Gary Hill

Sometimes space rock sacrifices the rock part of the equation for the space. That's definitely not the case here. These guys create a sound that's all space rock but manages to bring psychedelia, pure progressive rock and even stoner metal into it. It doesn't get a lot better than this. I will say that it's still early in the year, but this is likely to make my "best of 2017" list. It's that good.
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Track by Track Review
Side Space (A)

Journey to the Space Mountain

A trippy kind of intro starts this with a bit of a spoken thing included. After the voice says, "I hope this trip is a good one," they fire out into some hard rocking jamming that's part space rock and part stoner metal. It drops back to more pure Hawkwind like stuff for the entry of the vocals. This is killer stuff that has peaks and valleys as it powers up and drops back. There are definitely things about this that make me think of Black Sabbath's "Planet Caravan," but this has a lot more Hawkwind like space in the mix. Still, comparisons to Electric Wizard aren't out of the question, either. There is some seriously intense jamming later. This is really powerful.

Much more pure prog rock based, this still has some crunchy stuff mid-track. There is a very healthy helping of psychedelia, too. This makes a great use of balance between rocking and mellower. There are things here that make me think a bit of early Pink Floyd, too. I really love the hard rocking, driving jam later in the track. It explodes out into more pure prog rock from there, too.
Side Void (B)

Return to the Black Star

This is a powerhouse space rock jam for sure. It's fast paced and includes some definite psychedelia. There are a lot of Hawk-like elements at play here. There is a hard edged, metallic element to this as it drives forward, too.

From the Ashes
Electronics merged with a Hawkwind-like space sound leads this out. It's the longest cut of the set at over 12 and a half minutes. They turn it toward some rather metallic hard edged prog from there. As it modulates to a mellower, more melodic movement some psychedelia makes its way into the mix. There is a cool 60s music meets space rock jam mid-track. Hard rocking stuff takes it later to drive things forward with an almost metallic energy.
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