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Non-Prog CD Reviews



Review by Gary Hill

Parts of this are progressive. No, they aren't progressive rock, but they are progressive music. Other parts are hip hop. The whole set, though, is immersive and creative. It's a powerful release that should challenge labels and boxes that music is placed into. I don't know what to call this other than "good."
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Track by Track Review

Electronic music merges with female world music vocals on this cut. It has an almost techno dance vibe, but at the same times leans towards art music and things like Kraftwerk. There are a couple intriguing changes here.

Rescue Feeling ft. Cab’ral
Hip hop collides with weird electronics on this cut. It's artsy and very trippy. It does get a parental advisory.
Trippy and electronic, this might not be progressive rock, but it's clearly progressive music. It's dark and ominous in some ways, too.
Another decidedly proggy piece, I love the moody atmospherics here. This is a cool cut for sure.
Exalted ft. Kurai & Maso
While there is a rap on this, the music is clearly electronic prog stuff.
Tunnelism ft. Kurai
The argument could be made that this one is hip hop. Surely the rap and overall texture brings it more fully into that realm. Still, the music here is on the side of weird electronic prog. However you label it, though, this is moody and cool.
Magic ft. Cab’ral
Another with a parental advisory, this one pulls it into full hip hop territory. Then again, there are proggy electronic things at play, too.
Flamingo ft. Cab’ral
We're in the hip hop zone on this one, too. It's techno and trippy at the same time. I like the rap on this quite a bit.
Cathedral ft. Cab’ral
The rap really makes this one. It's the strongest one of the set. There is some dramatic music here, but it's overshadowed by the voice. This is one of the best tunes here, really, and a great way to end it.


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