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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Mary Bragg

Lucky Strike

Review by Gary Hill

I suppose "modern roots music" would be a good description of this album. It's based on blues, country, folk and rock styles. The vocals are really the selling factor more than anything else here. It's a solid release that should particularly appeal to fans of modern country music.


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Track by Track Review
Bayou Lullaby

The musical structure on this is pretty much a stripped back old-school inspired blues arrangement. That allows the vocals to really shine, and shine they do. The soulful vocal performance really sells this cut. It's a great slow moving tune that's packed with emotion. I dig the guitar solo on this, too.


The music on this one is intricate. It's a mellower tune that has a more modern texture, but with some classic leanings. This is perhaps more along the lines of a folk meets country texture. Again, the vocal delivery sells it, but this time in terms of a more intimate performance. The non-lyrical soaring vocals really shine.

Think About Me
A more energized tune, this is very much a country number. It has some balladic elements, but overall rocks pretty well.
Rock, blues and country merge on this rather understated cut. Mind you, it's the music that's understated. The vocals are powerful and passionate.
Wreck and Ruin
More rocking, the mix of blues and country sounds is solid. This has some good energy. It's classic in tone, but also modern.
Drifter's Hymn
I love this intricate and evocative ballad. It's definitely pretty.
Isn't It Over Yet
Folk music and country blend on this acoustic guitar driven piece. While I like this one, it's not as potent as some of the rest. It seems to go on a bit long, too. I guess that's a bit ironic given the title of the song.
Lucky Strike
Blues and country merge on this slow electric rocker. It's a strong tune.
Done Ain't Done

Blues, rock and country merge on this killer tune. It's one of my favorites of the set. It has a great balance between mellower and more rocking stuff, and just plain delivers.

Empty Handed
An intricate and evocative ballad, there is a lot of passion and power on this cut. I like it a lot, but I think that the flow of the set might have worked better if this song and the previous one were switched in terms of positioning.
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