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Review by Gary Hill

This is quite an intriguing set. It has a lot of modern, crunchy, crazed prog rock in the mix. Yet there is also a good helping of the more melodic stuff. This is the kind of thing that changes frequently, so if you don't like where it is, all you have to do is wait. I guess the most frequent comparison I can make would be to Spock's Beard, but this is definitely different than that, too. All in all, this is an exciting album that works quite well.


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Track by Track Review
Routine Maintenance

The album begins with a start and stop section that feels a bit like King Crimson meets stoner rock. As it works out from there we get a fast paced off-kilter jam that makes me think of some kind of merging of Dream Theater with Italian prog rock. It shifts this way and that as it continues to push forward. Then around the three-minute mark it drops way down to a mellower jam to continue. It continues as more melodic prog rock from there. They continue to move this piece forward through various movements and progressions. It eventually gets into much harder rocking stuff again. It really becomes quite a powerhouse as it continues. This piece really keeps changing and getting reinvented. It's an extensive number, weighing in at over 12 and a half minutes. There are sections that feel tied to older melodic prog. There are other parts that are more tied to modern King Crimson and the harder edged metallic prog of today, too. All in all, this is quite a ride.

Avoid That Eye Candy

The section that opens this makes me think of a crunchier version of The Residents. The cut works through some changes as develops and works out from there. It has some pretty crazed moments, but also manages to get almost accessible at points. Although much shorter than some of the rest here, this cut is nearly four minutes long.

Perpetual Notion

Somewhat off-kilter, this rocker is complex and intriguing. It makes me think of King's X in some ways in the earlier sections. They take this through a number of different sections. Perhaps this is actually more cohesive and constant than some of the other music here, but it's still packed with different sections.

A Void That I Can Depart To

Another epic length piece, this is over ten minutes in length. It comes in with a rather melodic prog jam and works forward from there. This is another frequently changing piece of music. There are some more metallic movements amidst more melodic ones. I really love the instrumental section that takes us to around the five minute mark. As they resolve from there and the vocals return it makes me think of Spock's Beard just a bit. There are some parts of this that again remind me of the Residents a little. I love the melodic movement that comes in near the end to take it to its close.

Get a Lawn

This powerhouse modern prog piece has some particularly crazed movements. There is a killer keyboard solo dominated section later that calls to mind Spock's Beard. I'd say that there is a good helping of that band in the sound of this song overall, but this gets much heavier and more metallic than that comparison would suggest. At the end this drops back to some background sound effects that segue it into the next piece.

Making Light Of Traffic

The effects from the last piece start this. Then some proggy music comes in, but it feels a bit distant. In fact, the first minute or so of this feels almost like you are listening to it over someone's shoulder as they have their headphones pulled to the side. Then it powers in to continue. The sound here is closer to older prog music, but still has plenty of modern elements at play. That said, as it changes later we get more of that modern element in control. When a saxophone enters to solo later, the piece gets a different kind of sound at its heart. It reminds me a bit of Red era King Crimson at times during that jam. Then they drop it way down for the next movement. After this piece makes its way through its various changes, it drops down for more of the effects that opened it. Again, those connect it to the next song.

Destiny Repeats Itself

After the effects that ended the last cut drop away the rhythm section takes this and holds it for a short time. Other elements are added as it continues to work forward from there. This cut is another that has the same penchant for rapid shifts and changes. It has some of the stranger, more crazed jamming of the whole disc.

The Sensual Con

This is an intriguing number that continues many of the same musical concepts. That said, this has a very different sound in a lot of ways. I like the balance between the mid-tempo stuff and the frantic bits. I love the wall of vocals movement later in the track. There are definitely some things here that make me think of Spock's Beard, but they remind me of Pentwater at the same time. This has a tastefully off-kilter fast paced jam around the five minute mark that is just so cool.

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