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Playlist 2014-2016: 12 Tracks Remixed/Remastered

Review by Gary Hill

This new CD (as the title suggests) includes a number of previously released tunes with new mixes. The sound here is more or less based on an often punky kind of mainstream pop rock. Most of this is catchy and solid. It's not Earth shattering, but it's an entertaining set that works pretty well.


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Track by Track Review
Some cool hard rocking guitar leads this out of the gate. This has a tasty power-pop meets punky music sound to it. The vocal arrangement really works well on the choruses here. This is retro textured in a lot of ways, but modern at the same time.

I'm reminded of Tom Petty a bit on this mellower cut. It has a lot of style and magic built into it.


Another hard rocker, this is a bit punky. It's a solid number with a driving energy and oomph to it. Yet it also has some catchy hooks. I love the instrumental section on this piece. It packs quite a bit of punch.

Leap of Faith

There is a bit of a stripped back sound on the verses. The chorus, though, gets more hard rocking energy in the arrangement. Punk and classic rock merge on this number.

I Get Up

The vocals at the start of this are more spoken than sung. This cut is a lot of fun. The chorus is pretty catchy. There is some punk built into this along with plenty of good old fashioned Americana. This has some tastefully weird bits.

Everybody's Gotta Go

More like a 1960s pop song, this doesn't work as well as some of the rest to me. There are hints of something like Dylan mixed with that sort of cheesy folk pop sound.

Shining Star

More hard rocking and a bit raw, there is a healthy helping of punk rock in the mix here. It still manages to be catchy.

Midnight at the Drive-Thru Window

A bit of a loop of someone saying, "may I take your order" opens this. The cut works forward from there with a goofy kind of groove that's a bit like something The Barenaked Ladies might do. It gets harder rocking for the chorus. Most of the lyrics to this are order items in the drive through.

She's Bad

Pop rock is the order of business on this catchy high energy tune. This is catchy and fun.

Brave Heart

A mellower cut, this provides some variety. It's not quite a ballad, but it's definitely not a real rocker, either.

Cool Running

A punky rocker, this is catchy and fun.

Better Day

While there isn't a huge change here, this is another solid hard rocker with some cool hooks and punky elements.

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