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Progressive Rock CD Reviews

Lochness Monster


Review by Gary Hill

I know there are those who will argue with this landing under progressive rock. This kind of shoegaze meets alternative rock post punk stuff really is progressive, though. If you disagree you might want to avoid this release. That said, it would be your loss to do so. This is an entertaining and intriguing set.

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Track by Track Review
First Flight

This cut is so cool. It comes in gradually with a psychedelia meets prog kind of build up. As it works out some alternative rock and punk are added to the mix. Yet it still has plenty of both psychedelic rock and prog built into it. It's a classy cut that fits well in the confines of modern prog rock, landing near shoegaze at times.

Coming in with a mellower side, this is even more closely tied to modern progressive rock. It has a bit of a noise rock element to it. The focus here is more on the mellower verses in a lot of ways. It rocks out more for the choruses. There is a dreamy, trippy kind of element to this number that serves it quite well.
The title track comes in with a swirling kind of psychedelic rock riff that works really well. Dream pop and shoegaze are the main driving factors on this title track.
Pixie Cut
There is more of a punk rock meets punk element to this. Still, it has enough of that shoegaze vibe to get it into modern prog territory. For some reason the chorus on this makes me think of King's X a bit. It's a catchy cut that still manages to have some real meat on its bones.
Hard-edged and classy, this has trippy proggy sound in the mix. Yet there are also things like industrial and punk rock here. This is a strong tune with a rather complex arrangement.
Anchors Gone

A hard rocker, this has some classy fuzz on it. It has a definite punk rock edge, but with a lot of shoegaze and other modern prog in the mix. This is another that makes me think of King's X quite a bit.

15 Rounds

Fast paced and driving, this has some quirky shifts and changes. It's killer stuff. While it's one of the most complex and intriguing things here, it's somehow one of the most compelling, too.


Psychedelia, shoegaze and other modern prog sounds merge on this piece. Yet there is a bit of a pop rock edge to it. This has some particularly effective hooks built into it.


This has a cool dramatic sound to it. It's another that's more directly tied to modern prog rock sounds. The arrangement is dynamic and powerful, and there are some really magical moments built into this.

Final Bow

Energetic and hard rocking, this is solid, but not really a standout. It makes good use of the balance between the mellower, more melodic verses and the louder, more stomping choruses.

The Grove

The balance between mellower and more powered up stuff works really well on this piece. It's an intriguing number that definitely lands firmly in the vein of shoegaze sounds.

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