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Progressive Rock CD Reviews

New Sincerity Works

Wonder Lust

Review by Gary Hill

Although I've landed this under progressive rock, it's of the modern alternative rock based sound that's tied heavily to Radiohead. I'm sure there will be those who will disagree with that classification. Either way, though, this is an entertaining and wide-ranging collection of music.

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Track by Track Review
I've Got You
I love the cool keyboards that lead this thing out of the gate. When the guitar joins it actually feels a bit like Hawkwind. The voice brings more of an alternative rock meets Radiohead vibe. The cut works through some interesting shifts and changes as it makes it way along the musical road. While this probably lands pretty close along the pop music boundary, it's actually very much a modern prog rock piece.
Just Like Vapor

Much more of a hard rocking guitar based cut, this combines alternative rock, psychedelia and modern prog. It's a high energy and quite meaty piece of music. While the keyboards are not the driving factor on this, they really add some special things. They bring it along the lines of space rock in a lot of ways.

Love to Love the Love

Shoegaze, dream pop and even some power pop all make their way into this piece. It's another energized piece that has a lot of meat on its bones. It's catchy and captivating, too.

Midwest Reverie
While this is not a huge change from the rest, it has a bit more of a mainstream rock vibe to it. The instrumental section brings the full prog leanings into it.
Without Us

Driving modern alternative based prog rock is the order of business here. This is a killer cut that has a lot of energy and charm. It's not a big change from the rest of the set, though.

Find a Way Home

Drums lead us out of the gate here. Other instrumentation joins after a time, bringing more of that modern prog element to play. There is more of a leaning toward the progressive rock end here. I love the keyboard textures on this piece. It's actually one of my favorite songs on the disc. It's just so classy.

The Company We Keep

Acoustic guitar begins this number. The track works forward from there with a cool texture as other instruments and the voice join. The arrangement builds gradually from there. There are some really odd-angled (but quite effective) changes on this piece. There are elements that even make me think of modern King Crimson a bit.

Wonder Lust

The title track comes in with bit more of a straightforward rock sound. It has a blending of power pop with alternative rock based prog.

To Be Kissed Like That

A bit slower and mellower, this is drenched in psychedelic rock textures.

Hearts Transplanted

This is a bit more of a pop rocker than some of the rest are. Honestly, if the whole album were like this one and the previous number, I wouldn't have included it under prog rock. All that said, this is still a great tune. Not only that, but it gets quite proggy later, once the keyboards really shine over the top.

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