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Progressive Rock CD Reviews



Review by Gary Hill

This set is electronic music. Perhaps it's not the tightest fit under progressive rock, but it's clearly progressive music. There are a handful of cuts with vocals, but the majority of this is instrumental. It runs along quite a wide range of musical styles. Still, it's cohesive and consistent. The quality is also consistent - and on the high end.

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Track by Track Review
Coming in fast paced, this works out after a time to a dense, and quite intriguing musical tapestry.
Fusion Dissolution

There is a lot of percussion on this cut. There are also non-lyrical female vocals. The vocals turn lyrical later. The cut is a energized and quite interesting. It still manages to land in weird territory.

Quite percussive and a bit freaked out, this is another interesting piece of music. The trippy electronics on this get quite involved and crazed, but also very interesting.
Aya For an Eye

Dense and a bit avant-garde, this is another intense piece of soundscape.

Now this cut firmly lands in progressive rock territory. It has some jam band and jazz elements, too. It's also packed full of space rock. It's one of the best cuts here.
I love the killer keyboard jamming on this. The piece has some interesting and prominent percussion elements. There is a bit of sitar styled drop to psychedelia.

A dense musical tapestry, keyboards and percussion drive this piece. I love the section later in the track where keys dance over the top of a particularly driving drum part.

The female vocals return on this number. The piece has more of a modern dance music vibe to it. There is a great groove to this one.
My Grip Weakens
This has processed male vocals. They are very much synthesized. I'm not a big fan of those types of vocals, but in this kind of electronic music tapestry it's not as bad as it is in pop music. Still, this is the weakest cut in my opinion.
Chain Reaction
This is one of the most successful pieces here. It just seems that the percussive and keyboard elements work together especially well on this one.
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