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Progressive Rock CD Reviews



Review by Gary Hill

This is not an entirely tight fit under progressive rock. That said, it is definitely art rock. The music here most often combines folk sounds with electronic music and more. It all works quite well. Some of it literally does land in progressive rock territory. Other parts skirt it, but it all exudes a progressive ethos.

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Track by Track Review
This is intriguing. It's haunting. It's so pretty. The vocals make me think of a lot of folk music. That edge is built into the music, too. Overall, though, this has an electronic sound.
Jim Beam
A soaring kind of number, this is set in much the same territory as the opener. It's just more cheerful and upbeat.
Analog Wasteland
Much more of a pure electronic piece, this is intriguing. It's fun stuff. It's also quite artsy. It does earn a parental advisory.
Another that's set more purely in the electronic zone, this has more of a serious, proggy element to it. There is a techo/industrial edge to this.
Speaking of artsy, this is odd and yet compelling and cool. There is a jazzy kind of electronic weirdness here. This one clearly lands in the art rock vein.
The American Dream (One Nightmare At A Time)
Starting with the voice, this works out to another folk turned electronic vibe. This gets into more rocking territory as it continues. This is another that earns a parental advisory. It gets a bit noisy and distorted, in a good way. This is a dynamic and diverse slab of cool hard rock.
Woke Up On The Wrong Side Of The Earth Today
Folk turned electronic is definitely the concept here. This is not far removed from some folk prog, but the electronic angle is the twist on that pattern. I love this song. It might be my favorite here. It gets quite powerful and soaring later.
Saudade (Interstate Death Song)
Percussion leads things out here. The cut moves into the most purely rock based movement of the disc. It still has a bit of an electronic edge, but overall is more of a folk rock thing.
Holy Moly
More of an intriguing dark alternative rocker, this still has enough electronic sound to twist it toward progressive music. The folk elements are at play here, too.
Intricate picked guitar is at the heart of this, feeling a bit like "Time in a Bottle" to me. This piece really does a great job of combining a folk element and an electronic prog arrangement. It's a killer number. In fact, it's one of the highlights of the set.
Folk prog is definitely the concept here. The song proper has a real folk music vibe to it, but a prog electronic edge. The section later with its found sounds and electronics leans toward space music. This is a great way to end the set in style.
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