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Progressive Rock CD Reviews

Vie Jester

All in Jest

Review by Gary Hill

I previously landed these guys under progressive rock. I'm going to stick with that decision here. This is clearly not progressive rock in the classic definition. It's based heavily on techno and metallic musical textures. The very way that the music is assembled and the left-of-center shifts and turns, though, make this progressive music, and it's clearly rock. This is a powerhouse set that's quite dynamic and works from start to finish.

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Track by Track Review
Coming in with rather atmospheric keyboards, this works out to some weird techno styled stuff for a short time from there. Then it works to a hard rocking texture. There are definitely links to things like Dream Theater to be made on this cut. It's a powerhouse that's proggy, but also almost metal and techno. It's a screaming hot piece of music. This is a killer cut that really has a lot of variety built into it.
Sunburn and Moonshine
There is a bit more of a metal vibe to this. Still, the slightly off-kilter, twisted to the side element of this has a prog element. The chorus is more of a melodic modern metal thing, but there are some tastefully odd bits that make it proggy. I love the melodic bit that emerges at times here. This is another cut that is hard to pin down, but works really well.
I love the techno riff that starts this thing. It is so cool. Mind you the almost shouted vocals add something to the mix. This is a powerhouse stomper with a lot of meat on the bones during this opening section. It works out to a trippy kind of prog rock like movement from there. The mix of mellower and more rocking music works really well to create tension, contrast and resolution. It also really establishes a progressive rock kind of vibe.
The Punchline
This cut is on the melodic side a lot of the time. It works to some seriously rocking metallic stuff at times,
I love the sound on this. It has an almost metal vibe to it, but twisted in an unusual way. The break later brings some really proggy things into the cut. Mind you, they are still delivered with a hard-edged techno meets metal vibe.
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