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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Ranzel X Kendrick

Texas Paintbrush

Review by Gary Hill

This is based heavily on roots music. It's of the stripped down, intimate variety, though. Most of this stuff is acoustic guitar based music that lands in the range of folk and country music. There are a couple songs that have electric instrumentation. Some of the tracks are live recordings. Overall, people who enjoy folk based mellow sounds should find plenty here that will satisfy them.

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Track by Track Review
One Way to Del Rio
Acoustic guitar and vocals is the musical concept here. This is folk turned country music. The recording sounds like an intimate live one. It does get some harmonica later in the track.
Where the Wind Blows

Percussion and female backing vocals are added to the arrangement on this cut. The country sound is less pronounced here. This lands more in the vein of folk rock. It's a fun cut with nice energy.

Stand By Me

Here Kendrick tries his hand at this classic old school tune. I like this rendition quite a bit. With just a bit of percussion this is essentially just guitar and voice. It's an intimate arrangement and works quite well in a gentle way.

Promise of Love

I like this rather soulful number. It has a "happy" sort of vibe. The arrangement isn't a big difference from the rest of the music here, but it doesn't feel tired or redundant by any means.

Based just on acoustic guitar and Kendrick's voice, this isn't as effective as some of the rest. It's folk based, and not bad. It just feels a bit awkward at times.
Eternal Flame

I can hear a live audience on this cut. The arrangement is bit fuller here. The audience is too loud at times, though. I like the flowing, soaring kind of vibe on this cut. The female vocals add a lot. This is definitely one of the highlights of the set. It really manages to rock at times.

I Don’t Want To Go Home

Folk music is the idea here. This arrangement gets more involved and powerful. Violin really adds a lot to it. That elevated presence raises this one to "standout" status on the disc. The electric guitar soloing later is a great touch.

Kiss Goodbye

Starting with just voice, this is more of a rock song. There is a definite old school rock and roll vibe to this thing. There is some good energy here along with some catchy hooks.

Canyon Hymn

I like the picked guitar on this number quite a bit. It's intricate and pretty. This is strictly an acoustic guitar solo. It's also one of the highlights.

I’m in Love

Another live recording, this starts with the female vocals over the guitar. Again the audience is too loud. Who goes to a live show to sit around and have loud conversations? It's rude and stupid. Sorry, I will get off my soap box now. This is a mellow cut that makes a nice use of the contrast between the male and female voice. It's essentially a folk song.

Hello Again

Another folk number ends the set. This has a good energy and fun vibe to it. It's solid, but perhaps not one of the highlights. There is some country in the mix on the tune.

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