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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Jason Heath and the Greedy Souls

But There's Nowhere to Go

Review by Gary Hill

There is a lot of Americana built into this. I'm reminded of Tom Petty a lot of the time here. Still, there are some serious surprises here and there. This never feels formulaic or repetitive. It's a very effective set that combines classic sounds with modern ones into a unique and yet vaguely familiar soundscape. It's a classy set from start to finish.

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Track by Track Review
South of Babylon
Starting with some city sounds, this powers out to a number that is probably best described as bluesy hard rock, but there is a lot more here. In some ways this makes me think of Tom Petty a bit. There are hints of both metal and punk rock here. Comparisons to The Black Crowes aren't entirely out the question, either. However you label the influences, though, this is a powerhouse cut that makes for a great album opener.
In Love with My Gun
The organ and generally arrangement on this intro here brings a cool old school rock sound. The verse movement has more of a punk meets Tom Petty element to it. The powered up chorus combines that with the intro sound. I suppose mentioning something like Smashmouth here wouldn't be out of the question. It's a fun rocker with modern and classic sounds at play. The bridge even feels a bit like Alice Cooper to me.
Fair Fight
This is a cool hard rocking tune. It has plenty of that classic sound. There is a lot of punky texture to this. It's just a fun cut. Accordion is a unique choice here. I dig the horn and guitar jam later. The guitar solo that comes out of that is on fire.
Nowhere to Go
Driving hard rock, this is another killer rocker. It's perhaps a bit more direct than some of the rest. It's one of my favorites here. It has great vocal hooks some downright mean riffs. The drop back segment is a cool touch.
Postcards from The Hanging
There is almost a crypt rock vibe to this cut. It has some definite punk in the mix. It's a mellower cut. While I'm not sure about all the lyrics, I think this is probably about the history of racial violence in the US. I draw that conclusion mostly from the title because I remember hearing about postcards of lynching of black men that were popular around the turn of the 20th Century.
Asphalt, Gasoline, Chrome, Flesh, Blood and Bone

The mix of mellower and more rocking stuff here is cool. There is a bit of a goofy vibe to this number, lending a lot of charm to it. It has banjo, too. How can a song with banjo be anything but fun, really. I love the cool guitar solo on this piece. This definitely brings some variety, but it's great (if unusual) variety.

Dead Stars
With a bit of a punky edge, there is a definite modern alternative rock vibe to this. The cut has a bit of a space rock element mid-track in a bridge. While this is mostly modern, there is still some classic rock sound here. This is a killer tune. In fact, it's one of my favorites here.
Here Comes My Savior
The opening segment here is very much old school rock and roll, but the tune shifts toward things like The Black Crowes from there. This is another strong and catchy rocker with plenty of classic sounds merging with modern. The female backing vocals later really add a lot to the piece.
Garden of Machines
This makes me think of "Love Potion Number 9" a bit at times. There is very much an old school rock and roll vibe here. Yet, it also makes me think of Lords of the New Church a little. I dig the guitar solo section here a lot.
Ballad of The Brown Bomber
A mellower cut there is a lot of folk rock built into this. It's another that sounds quite a bit like Tom Petty. This gets more soaring further down the road, but still retains that same folk rock vibe.
Miss Arizona
A slow moving, rather balladic piece, this is cool. It's another that makes me think of Tom Petty in a lot of ways. This builds up to more rocking stuff as it continues. There is a lot of Americana built into this. The guitar solo is quite meaty.
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