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Progressive Rock CD Reviews

Hats off Gentlemen It’s Adequate

Broken but Still Standing

Review by Gary Hill

I've reviewed quite a bit of stuff from this act. This is their newest album. They generally tend to skirt between psychedelia and progressive rock, and this set is no exception to that rule. There is a good balance between mellower and harder rocking stuff, but it does tend to start in the mellower category and work up toward the rockers as it continues. There is also a good ratio of instrumentals to vocal cuts. All in all, this is a set that does a good job of continuing the legacy of the act, while also working toward the evolution of their sound.

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Track by Track Review
Dramatic atmospheric keyboard textures start this, and the cut moves forward from there. Flute sounds and other elements bring the arrangement into being as a mellow, but quite powerful instrumental. This serves as introduction to the next piece and segues into it.
Almost Familiar

Coming out of the previous number, the rhythm section brings more of a rock sound, but the overall texture is more in keeping with a folk prog style. As the vocals join, it feels closer to space rock. This works through several changes in an effective arrangement.

Luca to Lucy

Trippy effects and more are on display here. It works into another melodic number that has a lot of folk prog in the mix. By around the two and a half minute mark it works gradually upward to a bit more rocking territory. This is another trippy instrumental that makes its way through a number of changes.

I love the cool trippy vibe of this number. It has a great bass line. It's sort of a folk like piece with a lot of psychedelia in the mix. There are some great elements of melody and more on hand here. As it drives upward later there is some killer guitar work over the top.
Last Man on the Moon
Another cut with a lot of trippy sound in the mix, this seems to run between psychedelic rock and modern moody prog.
Advancing on Snailback
This instrumental feels a bit like an extension of the previous number. There are definitely Pink Floyd-like elements at play here. It's another classy piece of music.
Much more of a rocker, this is cool stuff, too. It's very much a psychedelic rocking kind of thing. It's classy stuff, too. The instrumental section takes it into powerhouse progressive rock jamming. It works back to an energized version of the song proper from there.
One Day When
Faster paced rocking sounds make up the concept here. This is more of a traditional prog styled piece in a lot of ways. That said, it still has some folk structures and some psychedelia built into it.
I Fell in Love with a Mechanical Dragon
I love the harder rocking, driving sound of this thing. It's another that does a great job of combining prog and psychedelia. I absolutely love the keyboard solo on this thing.
Let Me Out
An even harder rocking tune, there is almost a punky edge to this. It leans toward metal, too. The flute solo section on this brings some psychedelic prog. Jamming ends this piece.
Under the Skin

The mellower textures that start this feel a bit like a continuation of the previous piece. This makes for a great connecting piece.

Lucid Assassin

This instrumental has a lot of cool textures and a killer rocking groove. I love the keyboard textures.

Broken but Still Standing Till I Fall

The title track is another hot rocker with a healthy amount of punk in the mix. It is meaty and a bit mean.

All Alone Together

A mellower number, this feels a little like a harder edged version of something Procol Harum might do.


A cool rocking tune, this has a great bass line. There is some serious funk built into the cut, too. It is a cool rocker with some great hooks and real meat on its bones.

Transient Stars
Trippy progressive rock is the concept behind this instrumental. It has some nice crunch and some soaring movement at its heart.
Close My Eyes
Running a nice balance between rocking and mellower stuff, this is another killer cut. It has some great keyboard fills. There is both psychedelia and prog rock built into the mix here.
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