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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Michael Tracy

Still Got Soul

Review by Gary Hill

If you are looking for outside of the box, super-creative music, you probably will want to steer clear of this. However, if you are looking for a modern artist who is creating classic sounds with great hooks and chops, look no further. Combining classic rock sounds with country and more, this album is really so cool.

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Track by Track Review
I dig the cool guitar riff that starts this. The vocals come in over the top in fine fashion. This is a fast paced, hard rocker that has some country in the mix. The chorus is melodic and hook laden. This thing just works so well, making it a great opener.
My Lisa
Less hard-edged than the opener, this is still a rocker. It has more of that roots music, country aspect to it. It's all tempered with a classy pop rock sound, though. This is another catchy cut.
Still Got Soul
The title track seems to combine bluesy rock with a country element. This cut is full of lyrical references to classic rock songs. Musically it really fits into that category, too. I particularly like the melodic guitar solo on the number.
Call Me Wild
Another cool rocker, there is plenty of Americana in the mix here. This is both catchy and classy. It has some meaty riffing built into it, too.
No More Waiting
A balladic piece at the start, this is another with a real classic musical texture. It builds out to a more rocking take of its musical concepts as it works forward. This really feels like something that would have been at home on the radio in the late 1970s.
Sweet Smile
With a country edge to it, this is a killer rocker. This one could probably qualify as country music these days, but honestly, it's more of a mainstream rocker. It has some great hooks and riffs. There is even a bit of a rap mid-track.
Savannah Nights
This is more of a balladic cut. It has plenty of country along with classic rock in the mix. It's a catchy tune with some great musical textures and melodies.
Shake It
The guitar sound that starts this really has a lot of Jimi Hendrix in it. One might expect that we're about to head out into that type of song. Instead it drops away leaving behind some serious jazz guitar based music. The chorus has more of a raunch and roll vibe to it.
While there are still plenty of classic textures here, this is the most modern pop rocker of the disc. It's catchy and cool.
More balladic in nature at the start, this turns toward power ballad later. There is some killer guitar soloing on the number, and it's a catchy cut on a disc full of catchy music.
Bonus Track


Poinsettia Rose

Percussion starts this cut. The track comes in with an old school rockabilly vibe. This is a Christmas tune that really rocks.

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