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Non-Prog CD Reviews

The Vibrators

Past, Present, and Into the Future

Review by Gary Hill

There is a lot of old school rock and roll at the heart of a lot of punk rock. So, it should be no surprise that there is a lot of it here. In fact, this seems to move between songs that are more garage rock based and those that are more pure punk. This is raw rock and roll in so many ways. Really, isn't that the core value of punk, anyway. These guys originally formed in 1976 as one of the original punk bands. It's good know that they are still pulling it off with style in the 21st Century.

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Track by Track Review
Loose Change
Old time rock and roll with a punk edge, this cut is classic in texture. It's also catchy.
Rock N' Roll Rescue
Mean and fast paced punk rock is the idea here. The energy and vibe are both very strong.
A Life Badly Lived
I dig this fun rocker a lot. I don't know if I'd call this "punk rock," but more killer garage rock.
Dark Star
I love the hard rocking energy on this killer cut. It's another strong old school punker.
Strangers Never (Friends Forever)
A harder rocking number, this is another smoking hot punk groove.
Just Another Day
More of a garage rock kind of thing, this makes me think of The Kinks just a bit. I dig the instrumental section a lot.
Dirty Games
I love the rhythmic groove to this cut. This is much more of a raw punk rocker. It's a lot of fun. It's also high energy.
Wild Cheetah
There is a bit of 1960s garage rock in the mix here. It's blended with something closer to The Sex Pistols. This is a screamer that's one of my favorites here. There is some killer slide guitar soloing on the number. too.
Wrapped Cat
This is a killer old school rock and roller. I love the guitar riffing. The cut has an infectious energy. It's perhaps along the lines of The Stray Cats in a lot of ways.
You're the Prize
The garage rock sounds on this are packed with old time rock and roll and punk. This isn't a huge change from some of the others here, but it is effective. I dig the melodic guitar soloing on the tune.
Hands of Mercy
I dig the old school hard rock in the mix here. The overall edge is probably punk, but it's really informed by that vintage sound.
Keep on Telling Me Lies
The guitar sound on this is driving, aggressive and classic. This is another solid punk rocker. There is a section where it drops to just drums and crowd vocals. That's a nice touch. It grows back up from there to a full arrangement that rocks.
Please Mr. Cancer
The rhythm section opens this screamer in style. The cut works forward from there. I dig the guitar solo segment here, but the whole cut really works well with its meaty punk sound.
Sweet Trouble
Another catchy and driving punk rocker, this is one of my favorites here. It works so well.
Public Enemy (Perryvale Sessions)
I dig the raw punk vibe on this killer stomper.
Stiff Little Fingers (Perryvale Sessions)

Another screaming hot punker, this is high energy and still catchy.

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