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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Broke Royals

The Broke Royals

Review by Gary Hill

Those who like the modern type of pop rock will find plenty to enjoy here. These guys have crafted some catchy and energetic pop songs here. I have to say that this probably works better taken one song at a time than as a whole, though. There just isn't enough variety in terms of tempo or intensity (let alone sound) to really allow this music to breathe properly on the album. There is also the issue that the sound of the act is not really unique at all. My other issue is that it definitely suffers from the over-production of much of modern pop music. All that said, you just can't argue with the songwriting here. Every song on this set is catchy. I'm probably not the target audience for this as I am not a big fan of a lot of pop music. Those who are will probably get even more out of this than I did.

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Track by Track Review
Falling Up
Starting with a modern pop sound that's rather electronic in nature, this works out to more rocking territory later. It's a catchy modern sounding number with an alternative rock edge to it.
As Long As I Can See
I love the almost acapella section that leads this cut out of the gate. It works to more of a modern pop sound from there. This has an electronic rock element at play. It's a catchy tune that works pretty well.
There is more of a rock sound to this tune. It's rather balladic in the first section. It shifts out to rocking music for the chorus. The cut retains some of that as it shifts back to the verse.
Holy War
Energized modern pop rock is on the menu here. This is catchy and entertaining.
On My Way

While the basic format isn't changed a lot, this has a great groove. I love some of the keyboard sounds on this piece. It makes nice use of the balance between more soaring and mellower stuff.

I dig the faster section on this number quite a bit. Beyond that, it's not bad, but the formula is starting to wear a bit thin.
The Old House
A mellower and more electronic piece, this brings some variety to the set. It has a powered up, more soaring chorus section.
Strung Up In Lights
There is more of a rocking concept to this number. It's one of the stronger pieces here. I dig the vocal arrangement, and the whole cut, really. In fact, this might be my favorite here.
Seth Jordans
Another energetic pop rocker, this is solid. It's just a bit too much like the rest.
Heartless Come Around
This is one of the most rocking tunes here. It's also one of the most "different," bringing some needed variety to the table. It doesn't hurt that it's very catchy and accessible, either.
This Time
Mellower pop rock elements are the concept here. This has some good hooks. It's entertaining.
Saving Time
Another energetic rocker, this works pretty well. I like the guitar work later in the tune quite a bit.
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