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Progressive Rock CD Reviews

Road to Jerusalem

Road to Jerusalem (vinyl)

Review by Larry Toering

Road To Jerusalem are so experimental that it’s more prog than not, especially with the album title following their name and overall band concept. This fantastic group are split between a few countries, Sweden, Denmark and the United States, with front man, Josh Tyree, living in the US and Denmark at different ends of the year. He’s a truly remarkable talent with which to reckon, as is every member of this great outfit. Those other band members are: Michael Skovbakke (Denmark) on guitars, Andreas Holma (Sweden) on bass and Per Moller Jensen (Denmark) on drums. Together they mesmerize the senses and even drop a slinky groove here and there to appeal to the overall masses.

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Track by Track Review
Andromeda's Suffering
A slight string arrangement gets the opener underway with Josh Tyree soon taking over and working his magic over what is essentially a complexly written number with all the expected ingredients for a bone crushing opener. This is a one of a kind band with a one of a kind singer whose influences range from Freddie Mercury to (well, that describes quite enough for anyone because of the major diversity factor, but it’s really just an influence). The track pleases more with every listen, but it’s really-only the beginning.
Under Your Skin
This is a much more intriguing song to take the album in a harder direction and hint at more of what’s really to come. The chorus is so absolutely-fantastic that it’s addicting as it flies over some radically incendiary guitar work and pile-driving drums. By this time, you’re battered and begging for more, and that is putting it mildly.
They get downright abstract on this, which helps the prog case. At the same time it also establishes their heaviness with no questioning the energy they bring to it. The track doesn’t pulsate like other hard rock bands seem to always be on repeat with. It’s like a combo of dark and menacing, but charming, sounds.
This is a track that came with a video to whet appetites for the album, so it’s one of the tracks I previously heard before getting the album. It’s probably the darkest track on the whole platter, but it’s really-just about heartbreak and the clouds of depression it puts people in. This is epic to say the least and it stands on its own two feet as well as being an album track.
Poison Ivy
Alright, if you’re not in love with this guy’s voice by the time you hear this, it’s useless to continue. He starts to remind me of singers of bands of the 90s like Candlebox and others. Plus, the guitar bites like no other in the alternative rock world/ That renders Michael Skovbakke more of the 80s class players like Yngwie Malmsteen, without being too obvious about it. This track is up there with the best on offer here.
Ragtime Woman
This is a choppy piece of music with Tyree belting it out with the best of them. This showcases some killer lyrics that relate to the title as he sings about a bit of a floosy young girl on the chase. More blazing guitar work tops this track off, just like the previous one. 
Behold in Now
It’s on tracks like this where Tyree’s voice reminds you of many you’ve heard but you cannot put a finger on any of them. Yet, even having said that, I can still feel the Freddie Mercury vibe. It’s not something you can nail. It’s the sound of his voice, not his stylings. You swear you’ve heard him before, even if you never have. And that is the mark of any truly great front man. Still, each player in this band compels with every note as the disc wears on.
This track takes you right back to the 90s, as if the band were from that era, only transported to 2018. It’s yet another song where this group give Tyree a wide berth to shine. You’ll just have to hear the lyrics to get the entire picture of who you’re dealing with here, and how they weave their killer musical magic. Tyree shines as much on this as anywhere in the entire set.
Jack O' Diamonds
The final cut might be one of the sleepers of the disc, as it contends with just about any of the previous tracks. Tyree applies more social-political layers on this epic closer with everyone turning in their best efforts. Once it’s all over, repeat is the only option left, as you will be impressed with this album, I simply guarantee it.
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