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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Luke Spehar

The Pilgrim

Review by Gary Hill

This new set seems to create a sound that's both traditional and modern. It's set within the new roots music revival. There are songs here that sound along the lines of Mumford and Sons, while other tunes are more classic in nature, feeling like they could have come out at just about any time in the last century. All in all, this is an effective release that should definitely appeal to fans of folk music.

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Track by Track Review
The Farmer
I dig the slightly country based folk sound that starts this. As the vocals come into the arrangement, this becomes more country based. There is a timeless sound to this. It is a ballad that has plenty of roots music at its core. The strings add some magic to the mix.
America and Me
There is a bouncy percussive texture to this cut. I have to wonder if those are spoons. The banjo adds a lot to the sound. This is more in line with the modern form of roots music. Think of acts like Mumford and Sons, and you'll be in the right territory.
Love Songs and Lullabies
I like the intricate guitar work on this cut. It's another cool roots based tune. This seems to land between the first two numbers in terms of the balance between modern and traditional sounds.
Time with You
With a lot of guitar intricacies, this is another folk based tune that's quite tasty.
Which Road
Perhaps this is more classic in sound than the last few songs have been. It's a cool piece of folk music. This is more delicate and vulnerable than the others here. That makes it particularly effective.
The Pilgrim
Another that's set in the more old school style. The violin (or should I say "fiddle?") adds  a lot to the mix here. There is definitely a lot of country music built into this number. It's another winner on a disc that's full of winners.
Coming in powerful, this has the most powered up arrangement of the whole disc. It has a good balance between those modern and older sounds. This is a potent piece that comes closest to a folk rock style. In fact, this is the one song here that I'd really consider to be rock music. It really does make for a great closing number. It might well be my favorite song on the disc.
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