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Progressive Rock CD Reviews

Molly Tigre

Molly Tigre

Review by Gary Hill

This is quite an intriguing set. It's fully instrumental. I've put it under progressive rock, but it probably would have fit just as well under the non-prog category. That's because, while there is a lot of progressive rock tendency here, it's built around a lot of jazz and world music. Whatever you call this, though, it's quite effective. It's actually an intriguing and unique ride.

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Track by Track Review
Hello Bolly
Horns lead this out of the gate. They launch out into a killer jam that twists and turns. It's part jazz, part world music and part progressive rock. Every bit of it is cool, though. It works through some cool changes and the horns really weave some great tapestry.
Lebanese Blond
This piece has some great jazz built into it. Perhaps it's less fusion and more pure jazz. the thing is, it's no less potent.
Couscous Timbuktu
I love some of the bass work on this thing. The prog tendencies and the world music elements are all over this thing. It's another powerhouse jam. It has some particularly prominent percussion elements. The full on jazz exploration mid-track is very cool.
Y Knot
There is a bass solo that starts this. I'm not sure if it's a standup bass or a bass-like instrument, though. Either way, it's a cool touch. They move out from there with some percussion and jazz elements over the top of a killer jam. This is part King Crimson, part jazz and part world music. I really love the rhythm section break later in the piece.
I love the sort of cyclical vibe of this groove. Again the jazz, prog and world elements all merge really well here. The organ solo section brings a different texture to this. It gets rather crazed at points. At times I'm reminded of Frank Zappa a little on this piece, but also Bruford Levin Upper Extremities.
Slush Fund
I love the killer jazzy groove on this cut. It's part "Green Onions" and part full on jazz treatment. I love the percussion break on this tune. It brings some cool tribal/world elements to play in style.
There is such a cool jazz groove to this thing. It's a powerhouse tune with some great shifts and turns along the musical road.
Yekermo Sew
Another with some particularly effective jazz built into it, I love the rhythm of this thing. There is definitely a lot of world music here. The organ brings us into some almost Iron Butterfly like territory further down the line.
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