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Progressive Rock CD Reviews

Tangerine Dream

Quantum Gate

Review by Gary Hill

This album finds Tangerine Dream landing heavily in the keyboard oriented electronic sound for which they were often known. This is an effective instrumental set that has enough variety to keep it from ever feeling redundant or tired. A couple notes I'd like to make. First, I've reviewed this both individually and as part of the set Quantum Gate / Quantum Key. The same review appears in both places. While I think this is well worth having in this format, I suggest getting that double disc set because you get more music that way. I should also note that the closing song here is the opener on the Quantum Key set. For the sake of consistency, I've used the same track review in all three reviews (this one, the one for Quantum Key individually and the one for the Quantum Gate / Quantum Key).

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Track by Track Review
Sensing Elements
Weird percussive textures lead this out. Some keyboard textures rise upward as it begins to grow. This gets into some pretty intense electronic modes as it continues to grow. It doesn't change quickly, but there are a lot of different moods and textures built into this epic (over 13 and a half minutes) piece.
Roll the Seven Twice
More cool electronic keyboards open this number, and it works out from there in fine fashion. There is a definite EDM vibe here, but it has a lot in common with things like Kraftwerk, too. It gets quite lush and powerful.
Granular Blankets
There is a rather dark and dramatic texture to this cut. It's a powerful piece but not a huge change from the other material around it. It has some great musical moments and potent textures.
It Is Time to Leave When Everyone Is Dancing
There is a lush kind of almost soaring element to this piece. While this is set in much the same electronic soundscape, this one has a bit of a lighter, more positive vibe than a lot of the predecessors. It seems less serious and more packed with a spirit of fun.
Identity Proven Matrix
I love the energy, vibe and groove of this killer piece. It isn't a huge alteration, but it's just very effective.
Non-Locality Destination
Coming in rather trippy and mysterious, this grows outward gradually. I love the vibe of this piece of music.
Proton Bonfire
I dig the electronic rhythmical elements on this piece. It's another cool excursion that lands in the vicinity of EDM. It's not a huge change, but is quite effective. This gets quite powerful before it's finished.
Tear Down the Grey Skies
I'm reminded quite a bit of Kraftwerk on this number. It's a powerful piece.
Genesis of Precious Thoughts
Coming in gradually, the electronic rhythmic elements and musical drama build nicely. It drops back as it approaches the two and a half minute mark and some violin really adds to the magic of this mellower movement. As works back upward the electronic groove of the piece is just so classy and strong. The violin continues to contribute nicely. Around the five and a half minute mark there is a slightly weird, but still very cool sped up section. The track continues to evolve nicely from there. It gets quite lush as it approaches the end.
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