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Non-Prog CD Reviews

Ike Reilly

Crooked Love

Review by Gary Hill

This is an intriguing disc. It has a real roots music vibe to it. The closest comparison is to Bob Dylan, but there is more at work here than that. You're likely to hear some country, old school rock and roll, blues, jazz and more in the mix. Each song works well, but there are standouts.

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Track by Track Review
Livin' In The Wrong Time
I dig the echoey old school Americana vibe that starts this cut. The arrangement here is stripped back, along the almost soulful vocals to really shine. There is a definite old school blues vibe to this. I love the powered up movement with it's cool almost jazz meets R&B sound. This is just a lot of fun.
Missile Site
The general concept isn't greatly changed, but there are definite differences here. For one thing there are hints of psychedelia built into this. The roots elements here include some country music. I dig the fuzzy guitar bits. This is another energetic and catchy tune that's a lot of fun.
She Haunts My Hideouts
Now, this is a big change. The old-school rock and roll elements at the heart of this are intriguing. The verses make me think of Bob Dylan, but the choruses have more of a Beatles vibe to them.
Took It Lying Down
There is more of that Dylan thing here. The cut seems to merge country music and old school rock and roll, but there are some jazzy elements here, too. This gets a parental advisory.
Been Let Down
I dig the harmonica and retro organ sounds on this cut. It's a roots based slab of Americana that's a lot of fun.
Clean Blood Blues
This is a rocking number that again has a lot of Bob Dylan in the mix. Add some Tom Petty to it and you are going to find yourself close. The organ is a touch of retro magic on this number, too. The harmonica lends something special as well. This is a killer rocking tune.
Long Dreadful Time
This earns a bit of a parental advisory. It has some jazzy elements, but is more of an old school rock and roller than it is anything else. Bob Dylan is again in the house here.
Boltcutter Again
Coming in with a lot more stripped back arrangement, this is more of a combination of folk music and rock and roll. Mr. Zimmerman again serves as a valid reference point. The cut shifts out to some jazzier treatments as it works forward.
Don't Turn Your Back On Friday Night
More of a melodic folk rock song, this is a great change. It's an effective piece that's one of the highlights of the set.
To Die In Her Arms
Another roots rocker with a lot of Dylan in the mix, this isn't a huge change from the bulk of the set. That said, this number has a lot of class.
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